WoW: Bug made players gold millionaires, is now fixed – I’m not angry, just disappointed

WoW: Bug made players gold millionaires, is now fixed - I'm not angry, just disappointed

The “Elemental Loop” is an extremely powerful neckpiece in WoW Dragonflight that jewelers can craft. But you need a prescription for that. That was exactly what was bugged – and whoever had it could really make money. Blizzard has now fixed that – but too late, says MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus.

What was that bug? The recipe for the elemental loop is said to be found on “rare enemies in elemental storms on the Dragon Isles” according to the in-game tooltip. The storms have been active since Season 1 on December 14th.

But there were problems here, because the recipe was not dropped. Or rather: much less often than originally planned. Blizzard has indirectly confirmed this, because in a hotfix from December 19 it says:

“We fixed a bug where the Template: Elemental Loop was not properly dropping from all bosses in Storms. It should fall properly now.” (via

How did players become millionaires with it? The corresponding neck piece, the Elemental Loop, is the best neck item for most classes in the game and will remain so for quite some time. Because of the new crafting system from Dragonflight, it is possible to raise the item level up to 415. This corresponds to mythical raid loot.

Consequently, the necklace is extremely popular with many players. So much so that they are willing to pay a heavy price for it – which is what happened. The lucky few who were able to snag the recipe earned a golden nose.

Players can use the crafting order system to order items from craftsmen, but in the case of public orders, they still have to pay for all the materials themselves. Since hardly anyone had the recipe, those who had it could charge big bucks for it at no cost to themselves.

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On my server alone I’ve seen offers of over 100,000 gold per order and that’s a pretty small RP server. Other players report over 300,000 gold per order (via reddit). That’s worth more than a WoW token that costs 20 euros. Whoever had the recipe could really rake in gold.

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I’m a jeweler and I’m one of the people who have farmed the recipe since day 1 of the storms. Every day I spent several hours trying to find as many bosses as possible and that is really exhausting. Because they spawn irregularly, sometimes not at all.

The events themselves are terribly monotonous, boring and bring absolutely nothing to someone who plays halfway actively. Except for a few pets and a mount that don’t interest me. And this stupid recipe. Or exactly not…

I suspected early on that something was wrong here, because in several raid groups not one person received the recipe for days. It doesn’t bother me that I can’t get the best items right away. But I don’t understand why people don’t react faster here when apparently so many people pay a lot of gold for it.

By the way, it hasn’t gotten any better since the hotfix. The developers say: The recipe has a chance to drop with every first kill per boss and day. However, even now, while writing this article, I’ve killed several bosses and haven’t seen any drops. Same for the 2 days before. So I doubt that the fix is ​​really active.

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Above all, I’m surprised that Blizzard has waited so long here. From a layman’s perspective, the fix doesn’t appear to have been particularly challenging. And larger problems were also addressed fairly quickly.

The WoW economy has certainly suffered from this in places. And many important items for raiders are already outrageously expensive at the moment. Personally, I don’t even want the recipe for myself, but because I’m one of the jewelers in my guild and we just need these neckpieces.

I’m disappointed that all three of our jewelers are still waiting for the recipe while others are making millionaires with it. The season started so well:

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