WoW: Strunraan makes the dragon islands unsafe – get the world boss loot

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Anyone who has unlocked the world quests of the Dragon Islands via the WoW: Dragonflight story campaign can also mess with a world boss again in this ID and, with a bit of luck, bag epic loot. The name of the currently active dragon? Strunraan, Misery of Heaven. Blizzard describes the Obermotz as follows:

“Strunraan is known for bringing the skies to tears with his mere presence. Its storms electrify the air and wreak havoc across the land. Drawn by the force of the wind, Strunraan now threatens the land and denizens of the Plains of Ohn’ahra. “

Specifically, you can find Strunraan in the southeast of the Plains of Ohn’ahra, at coordinates 82, 76. You can easily reach the dragon via the flight point at the River Fork Junction.

WoW Dragonflight: Dragonflight Survival Guide

Strunraan abilities and tips

Strunraan’s mastery of storm winds withstands any threat Thunder Vortex and sheet output remote. With his electrifying presence, enemies struck by his powers will join him Strunraan’s Storm proven. At 100 energy, Strunraan will rise into the air and Empowered Storm trigger.

Tips for damage classes

Tips for Healers

Tips for tanks

  • Strunraan’s storm-based abilities also imbue the affected target Strunraan’s Storm.
  • electrify water deals heavy damage to all characters standing in the water with Strunraan.
  • sheet output inflicts Nature damage to all characters standing directly in front of the boss.

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