WoW: The community’s Mythic+/Raid item level requirements stink

The good old Gearscore addon from WoW: Wrath of the Lich King.

Below our tweet about the article Tanks are too strong? Rextroy plays Mythic Dungeon solo – as a DpS class! an exciting discussion has developed between some buffed readers, which I would like to continue at this point. It’s about the high Mythic+/Raid item level requirements that players should already meet in the second ID of the first season of WoW: Dragonflight in order to be taken along.

Our Reader ishizaki88 is annoyed that after only one season ID you should reach an item level of 380+ in order to be able to find a raid for Razageth Normal. Not everyone has time for a home group. In such a case one is dependent on the group search. Blizzard should find better solutions so that not only a player’s Gearscore is relevant, but maybe also the previous WoW experience. How about a Trivia, in addition to the Gearscore, that group leaders can use to see how well the player did in the instance challenges in older expansions? Or do without the item level information altogether! The only important thing is that casual players have better chances to join groups for Mythic+ and Raids.

WoW Dragonflight: Dragonflight Survival Guide

Gearscore is without alternative!

ishizaki88 got countered by the two readers wazefack and spokenxD. In her opinion, the Gearscore is an important tool because you can’t smell a player’s skill. Such a worth knowing would have the disadvantage, for example, that good players who are new (and have not played the old raids at their respective prime time) are immediately disadvantaged. If you want to live without these requirements, you have to make a time commitment for a home group.

One shouldn’t forget either, according to wazefack in another tweet, that raid leaders have long been using tools to find the potentially best teammates for their team. If Blizzard would no longer provide item level information, the addons from back then would come back. spokenxD added: There will be no solution here that does not disadvantage anyone.

Anecdote from WotLK Classic

In fact, absurdly high Mythic+/Raid item level requirements are in WoW (buy now ) been a nuisance for a long time. For example, who remembers the Gearscore addon in Wrath of the Lich King? I even found a screenshot from back then on the hard drive:

The good old Gearscore addon from WoW: Wrath of the Lich King.

Source: buffed

Experience has shown that these requirements often have nothing to do with the level of difficulty of an instance challenge, and many raid leaders are also not interested in the player’s wealth of experience. I was able to experience both myself in the first few months of WoW WotLK Classic. Although Naxxramas couldn’t be simpler, my gear already consisted of an okay mix of Epics (enchanted and socketed) and Blues, and I stated that I knew the content up to Lich King Heroic, my rogue got some wordless kicks from the Dalaran check.

Something like that can be quite frustrating if you only have time for a raid on this one evening in the ID and the options are gradually disappearing. And it’s precisely because of situations like this that I’ve never been a fan of breaking characters down to a stat and basing everything on that. When in doubt, it is always better to exchange a few words with the applicants. But as far as that goes, I guess I’m expecting too much.

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