WoW: The Primalist Bulwark – LFR quick tips for Eranog, Dathea and Primalist Council

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A week after WoW’s new raid, Vault of Incarnations, opened its doors, the first wing of the Raid Finder, better known as LFR, is now available. In it, the first three bosses of the raid await brave players: Eranog, the Primalist Council and Dathea, the Ascended.

Items of level 376 (at the first two bosses) and 382 (at Dathea) beckon as loot. This is particularly interesting for many players because of the tier set hands that can be looted from Dathea. But also the very rare ring of Eranog or the rare piece of jewelery at the Primalist Council make one or the other player’s heart beat faster.

Normally, the LFR is significantly easier than the normal mode. This is also the case in the Vault of Incarnation. However, this time the difference is smaller. The bosses basically have the same mechanics, which have to be played in a similar way. However, the lower balancing forgives more mistakes. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of if you want to be successful with your LFR group. We have a few quick tips for you for the three bosses of the first wing.

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