You can now buy a WoW mount that was only available in 2011 in the shop – but only for a short time

You can now buy a WoW mount that was only available in 2011 in the shop - but only for a short time

A new mount has appeared in the WoW Dragonflight shop: Tyrael’s Charger. The winged horse is part of a limited time promo from 2011. Now it’s available for those who missed it. The community is rather amused about it.

What mount is this? Tyrael’s charger originally comes from Diablo and is the mount of the angel Tyrael. Accordingly, the horse is equipped with the lights typical of Diablo angels and the white wings as well as a chic, golden armor.

The appearance of the charger is a bit reminiscent of a light version of the famous Invincible raid mount that many players have been chasing for years. Tyrael’s charger is actually no longer available.

Because to get it, you had to complete an annual pass in 2011, a year before the release of Diablo 3. By the way, Diablo 3 was added directly to it. The Charger is one of the first mounts available through these promos.

how to get it now Since the reset on December 21st, Tyrael’s Charger has been available in the WoW in-game shop for €25. You can simply buy it there and add it to your collection.

However, the offer is only valid until January 2, 2023, as Blizzard is hiding something in the official blog post on the offer explained.

In the guide you will find all new mounts in Dragonflight and in the video we show you the 6 rarest mounts in WoW:

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“They have invalidated shop mounts”

on reddit the news met with mixed feelings. For one thing, players are pleased that they now have another chance to get a mount they can’t actually get anymore.

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On the other hand, she is annoyed that the offer is limited in time and is therefore moving back into the “FOMO” area – i.e.: “Fear Of Missing Out”, or: fear of missing out on something.

This has been an issue for a while, at least since a mount was simply given away for up to €3,000. The discussion has been circulating ever since, and the Tyrael Charger is now reviving it.

However, some note that shop mounts generally lose value as they cannot be used for dragon riding. Dragon riding is probably the most popular new feature in Dragonflight and replaces “normal flying”.

In Dragonflight you take to the skies with a kite, you can accelerate and gain height – or lose. Quasi active flying with physical laws that many players like, even if they don’t quite master it:

The best new WoW feature is too hard for some players – They laugh at it: “Painful and so much fun”

However, the downside is that only special mounts can be used. Just the dragons that exist on the Dragon Islands. They can be adjusted, but there are only 4 basic shapes. Regular mounts don’t work with it, not even shop mounts like Tyrael’s charger now.

If you still buy the mounts, you can still use them at least in the old areas. It remains to be seen how often these will still be visited. Many wish for the dragon riding system throughout World of Warcraft, including MyMMO demon Cortyn:

WoW: The kite riding is so awesome, I never want to use a flying mount again – even though I have so many

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