YouTuber Raises Over €55,000 For Destiny 2 TV Series, Coming In 7 Days – “The Trailer Blew Me Away”

YouTuber Raises Over €55,000 For Destiny 2 TV Series, Coming In 7 Days - "The Trailer Blew Me Away"

Destiny 2 has one of the most lavish sci-fi gaming universes and it’s filled to the brim with intriguing stories and characters. But there is still no official series or film. So fans have adopted it, like YouTuber Average Matty, who has created his own Destiny animated series with his community called “Ace”.

In Destiny 2 there is an incredible amount of potential for grandiose stories and stories. So far, these can only be experienced in the loot shooter itself. But Destiny fans have been asking for a film adaptation for a long time. However, since Bungie has not yet complied with this wish, the community is becoming active itself.

  • At the beginning of the year, fans released “SOLAS”. This is a so-called “immersiplay”, i.e. a unique mixture of immersive role-playing game, lets plays and scripted original Destiny gameplay.

Destiny 2: Fans are making their own movie in Destiny, and it’s better than Bungie’s original

What kind of series is it? ACE is a fan-made TV series set in the Destiny 2 universe. YouTuber Average Matty, who was able to realize the project with great support from his community, is in charge of this. She had probably collected almost 55,000 euros via crowdfunding.

In addition to Average Matty, other Destiny 2 players and content creators are also involved in the series project under the term “Dream Big Productions”:

  • As an animator Neenkina 3D generalist and VFX artist, is involved.
  • The 22 year old Jessie Yun is a film student and appears as a composer on “ACE”. She thus provided the musical part of the series.
  • the gamer Strasner took over the master audio engineering.
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After almost a year of development, Average Matty’s team released the first announcement on December 16th in the form of a 45-second trailer. And he immediately cast a spell over Destiny 2 fans.

You can watch the first 45 seconds of the fan-made and animated series “ACE” here:

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The first trailer for the fan-made series “ACE”

What’s in the trailer? The first images of the animated TV series “ACE” show a head-to-head duel of a Guardian with an Ogre in a dusty desert. The cape blows in the wind and it immediately spreads the classic gunslinger cliché known from the Forsaken DLC.

And as if you had been waiting for it, the exotic handgun “ace of spades” also appears in the picture, which immediately caught the eye of many fans. Then it gets dark and a shot is heard. Just like the one that once killed Hunter Vanguard representative Cayde-6. A sound that many Guardians have not forgotten to this day.

Cayde-6’s weapon is featured in the reveal trailer.

Is this a Cayde 6 series? Lots of fans, like J The Christmas Ghoul, had hopes based on the trailer that the fan series might build a story around gunslinger Cayde-6, his life and history. But whether that is the case is not yet known.

So perhaps not without reason did YouTuber Average Matty use a lot of the hyped Cayde 6 feel, including the name of the series. “ACE” is the fictional son of Cayde-6. This fact was revealed to players in Destiny 2 when they searched Cayde’s secret lairs in the Forsaken DLC. Inside was a letter that Cayde had once written to Ace.

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The plot might in part be based on this story, given Matty’s hint on twitter want to interpret like that. But you will probably only be able to experience this in the series itself.

There are these reactions: After the announcement and the first few seconds of the reveal trailer, many guardians are already extremely curious about the series.

  • writes like this michaelrichard1029 on YouTube: “So many questions… It looks beautiful. I can’t wait to watch it and hopefully get some of them answered!”
  • and Capel79 comments: “A lot of work has gone into this trailer and it’s awesome! I found out about you guys less than 5 minutes ago and my calendar already has a reminder for December 28th. Good work”
The first episode of the miniseries will be available on YouTube in 7 days, on December 28, 2022.

When will the Destiny series “ACE” be released? If you are now curious and want to watch the series, you don’t have to wait much longer. The first episode of the miniseries will be released in 7 days, i.e. on December 28, 2022. You can watch it directly on the Average Matty’s YouTube channel look at.

While some players still want an official TV series or a Bungie film about Destiny 2, such as Arcane, Cyberpunk Edgerunners or Castlevania, the “ACE” fan project may be a replacement worth seeing in the meantime.

Did the first trailer of “ACE” grab you and is it now firmly on your series list? Or do you prefer to wait until Bungie develops its own Destiny 2 TV series? Tell us in the comments.

For all those who prefer to gamble instead of watching TV, MeinMMO has presented a new build for Season 19 that you can currently have a lot of fun with:

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