One Piece – Who is Yamato and what makes the character so special?

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In the last popularity vote to one piece fans could choose their favorite from over 1000 characters. It was noticeable that the relatively new character Yamato was in the top 10 in many regions. So the popularity of the character is unquestionable. But what actually makes Yamato so popular? We put together a little character analysis for you.

Yamato in duty as Kaido’s son

Yamato is the child of villain and Pirate Emperor Kaido and should initially hardly arouse any sympathy for himself. But it’s clear from the start that Yamato doesn’t stick by his own father, but by Luffy and his allies.

Why is Yamato helping Luffy? Yamato had to watch as Kaido killed the infamous Kouzuki odes shot after saving his crew from certain death. As a result, Yamato had decided to follow in Oden’s footsteps and represent him with dignity. Accordingly, Yamato is not in good spirits about his own father.

Screenshot One Piece Yamato
Yamato in “One Piece”.d © Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation via YouTube: Crunchyroll Collection

Is Yamato male or female? Although Yamato has obvious feminine features, she is described in One Piece as Kaido’s son. That’s because she chose to become Oden, who was known to be of the male gender. Thus, although Yamato is biologically a woman, he sees himself as a man. That’s why Yamato is referred to as a man by Kaido’s pirate crew.

Besides, Yamato’s heart is in the right place. Yamato has a strong one protective instinct and didn’t hesitate to momosuke from Kaido’s troops and give him moral support in saving the Flower Capital.

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Yamato as an unofficial member of the Straw Hat Pirates

In the grand finale, Yamato even takes on Kaido in a fierce battle. After he is defeated by Luffy, Yamato is even about to to join the Straw Hats. An honor not bestowed on many characters. But Yamato refused, to the grief of all fans, in order to first travel to their own country.

So there are many reasons that make Yamato a unique person. What do you think of Yamato? Write it to us in the comments!