Resident Evil: First Aid Drink Collector’s Box Announced – News

Resident Evil: First Aid Drink Collector's Box Announced - News

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To the loud press release “25th anniversary” of the first published in 1996 resident Evil brings the Berlin company Game Flavor a Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box on the market. A wooden-look box designed to match the look of the game contains:

  • Ten 330ml cans reminiscent of the first aid spray cans in Resident Evil. In addition to sweetened water, they contain, among other things, cucumber juice concentrate and traces of lime juice and lemon juice concentrate
  • A spray can head that you can put on one of the cans
  • Four cans of ribbon containing unspecified herbs “inspired” by Resident Evil
  • Four recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails, which of course are also based on the game
  • A certificate for your edition of the Collector’s Box, limited to 4750 copies

The collection boxes are expected to be shipped in the third quarter of 2023. You have to pay a narrow 199 euros if you are interested. When pre-ordering, a deposit of 15 percent is due, which will not be refunded in the event of cancellation of the order.

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