RTX 4080 with new GPU: AD103-301 was photographed

Geforce RTX 4070: Nvidia's non-Ti graphics card model could also be coming soon

from Oliver Jaeger
Last weekend it was reported that Nvidia is equipping its Geforce RTX 4080 with a new GPU, which, apart from more stability and lower costs for board partners, does not bring any significant advantages. A user of the Chiphell forum has now published a photo with the new GPU.

In addition to upcoming new GPUs based on Ada Lovelace – a Geforce RTX 4070 and 4060 Ti to name a few – Nvidia is also updating the GPU of the Geforce RTX 4080. This was originally released in November with the AD103-300. In the future there will be a card with the AD103-301. However, the changed number at the end of the GPU name will not catapult the graphics card to new heights and thus justify the price, which is still too high for many GPU enthusiasts. Rather, it is about a small change in the design, which above all saves costs.

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So the integrated comparator circuit is to be moved from the PCB to the GPU of the graphics card. Above all, this has a cost-reducing effect, because additional integrated circuits on the GPU should be cheaper than other components on the PCB, which also benefits the board partners. They should therefore receive a new bill of materials that they have to apply to their graphics card designs, as Videocardz explains.

Photo of the AD103-301 shows the new GPU

A user of the Chinese Chiphell forum has now published an image showing the new GPU “in action”. The designation “AD103-301-A1” can be read in the third line of the GPU label. The user mentions in his post that the change is nothing major and that the new GPU has been available for a long time, but this is probably related to the Chinese market, as Videocardz suspects.

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The Geforce RTX 4070, which will rely on an AD104-250, should also receive a modified GPU. This should also get the comparator circuit integrated and thus become an AD104-251. When the GPU will be released is still unclear. The rumor mill is currently assuming the first half of 2023. It is not yet known whether Nvidia will also take this step for the flagship Geforce RTX 4090 and the recently released RTX 4070 Ti, but it is quite conceivable.

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Source: chip bright via Videocardz