Fans Angry: Will James Gunn Poach Stars From Marvel For DC?

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Since then, filmmaker James Gunn (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, The Suicide Squad) has been the new strongman at the Marvel competitor DC is, the superhero universe has been thoroughly mixed up. Numerous stars such as Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam were kicked out. A reboot with a younger Superman is already in the works, and Jason Momoa is likely to remain in the DC universe, albeit not as Aquaman. After various hints on Twitter, there is renewed excitement about James Gunn.

“Fire James Gunn!”: Twitter users call for the filmmaker to be kicked out of DC

had to in the last few weeks James Gunn and his co-boss Peter Safran make many unpopular decisions. In order to give DC a fresh start in the fight for viewers, many old habits were cut off and new projects announced. Although The Batman and Joker (which are never part of the DC Extended Universe were) apparently untouched, but everything else is literally turned inside out and cleaned out.

For many fans of DC applies James Gunn meanwhile no longer as a savior, but as a bogeyman. For weeks, the ejection of the filmmaker, who is actually so popular, has been openly demanded with corresponding hashtags. So far, Marvel supporters may have only smiled about the quarrels with the competition. But recently they should too stop laughingwhen the name James Gunn is mentioned.

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Marvel fans are fuming at James Gunn over the new DC Universe

For all the planned ones Movies, reboots and streaming series numerous new actors will be cast in the coming weeks and months. According to James Gunn, it won’t just be about unknown actors. In a tweet, he clarifies that we can also expect actors with whom he has already worked in new roles. The stars of Guardians of the Galaxy inevitably come to mind.

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Will James Gunn so actually poaching stars from the MCU for DC? You can trust him. Equipped with fat budgets, he will do everything to make “his” new DC universe as successful as possible. A few well-known stars would certainly do this project good. Apparently, many Marvel fans fear that too. on Twitter the anger of a few particularly “dedicated enthusiasts” is vented.