Destiny 2: Absolute Madness – Warden plays “unsoloable” raid boss solo

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“I spent about 200 hours on this encounter and it was just pain,” writes Destiny 2 player TheSnazzyRock of his own successful solo run against the Gatekeeper encounter in the Vault of Glass raid. And yes, we feel it. The reason why TheSnazzyRock’s success is to be celebrated aside from the effort it puts in is easily explained.

Raids are in the MMO shooter Destiny 2 (buy now €12.00 ) designed for six players, but there are also the Wardens who see it as a challenge to master the quite complex mechanics of the raid battles with the smallest number of players. In the best case, so solo. So far, however, the gatekeeper encounter before the end boss Atheon was considered an absolute roadblock and unsolobar – and with it the entire raid, regardless of whether all other encounters can be mastered as a single player. The Gatekeeper fight is all about interrupting and killing various enemies that are obstructing or interfering with the opening of the two portals and crafting a relic necessary for defeating certain mobs. You can see what it looks like if you want to solo the fight in the video by TheSnazzyRock.

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Gatekeeper solo – luck, timing and the right equipment

TheSnazzyRock has mastered the fight with all sorts of theorycrafting, not only having the right weapons with the right perks at hand, but of course also using the appropriate fragments, aspects and mods – such as fleeting projectile explosions for the minotaurs to break their void shield .