ESO is finally getting a new class – everything about the Necrom expansion and the content in 2023

ESO Necrom Zone 2

The Elder Scrolls Online is doing things differently in 2023. Instead of the usual 4 content updates, this time there will only be 3. For this, the focus is increasingly on minor adjustments and a big highlight: the new class arcanist. We at MeinMMO tell you everything you need to know about the Necrom expansion and the 2023 content.

What will ESO 2023 bring?

  • The year begins with the Scribes of Fate DLC. It brings two new dungeons with a normal and a veteran mode. The update starts the saga “Shadows over Morrowind”, which will run throughout the year. Scribes of Fate will be available on March 13th for PC and March 28th for Xbox and PlayStation.
  • The Necrom expansion for the PC will be released on June 5th. There you can expect 30 hours of new story content, two new areas and the already announced new class Arcanist. It’s coming June 20th for PC and Xbox.
  • There will then be an update in the third quarter that focuses on player simplifications and bug fixes.
  • The fourth quarter brings a still unknown DLC, which should introduce a completely new system.

In the further course of the article we will introduce you to the updates, the contents of the expansion and the new class in more detail. We have also included the Neocrom cinematic for you here:

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom – Cinematic

In Necrom you work with a Daedra Lord

What is the expansion about? Necrom revolves around the Daedra Lord Hermaeus Mora. Together with him, the players should investigate a mysterious threat. Deep in the heart of the City of the Dead, you must seek out lost lore and flip between realities to uncover a conspiracy powerful enough to threaten both Nirn and Oblivion.

You will meet many old acquaintances, including the Morag Tong assassin Naryu. But the new and powerful Dark Elf Leramil the Wise will also play a role. In addition to the big main story, there will also be a number of side quests. A total of 30 hours of story content are planned.

The game is played in two different areas:

  • The Telvanni Peninsula on the east coast of Morrowind.
  • The Apocrypha, an area in Oblivion

Both will be released alongside the expansion, which is named after the peninsula’s capital, Nekrom. This could already be entered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena. The areas bring new dungeons, public dungeons and world bosses.

New raid, new companions, new sets – that’s in Necrom

What does the expansion contain apart from story and areas?

  • There are two new companions, as is customary since Blackwood. The Redguard Arcanist Azandar al-Cybiades and the Argon Keeper Cunning-as-Night.
  • There will be 10 new item sets, new antiquities, new collectibles, and new achievements and titles coming into play.
  • The card game “Histories of Fame” gets a new set of cards.
  • A new 12-player raid will be released again.

However, the big highlight of Necrom is the new class.

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The Arcanist uses brand new mechanics and can take on any role

What class is this? The arcanist is the seventh class in ESO and relies on powerful abilities from the realm of oblivion. He uses offensive, defensive, and restorative magic.

The special feature of the class is the new Crux mechanic, a kind of combo system. Crux is generated when you use certain Arcanist abilities. Other abilities consume Crux. The more Crux you collect before consuming it, the more powerful the ability becomes.

The class offers three skill lines:

  • Herald of the Tome focuses on damage.
  • Curative Runic Forms bring you abilities to shield, heal, or portal yourself or allies to another location.
  • Apocryphal soldiers is the tank line. Here you can direct the aggro towards you and strengthen your defense.

This makes the new class very flexible. However, you need the new expansion to play the Arcanist.

Pre-order the new Necrom expansion

Can you already pre-order the expansion? Yes, the pre-order started when the announcement live stream ended:

  • The classic upgrade costs 39.99 euros. It only includes the latest expansion.
  • The Necrom Collection costs €59.99 and includes all previous expansions.
  • There is also a deluxe version for 49.99 euros or with all previous extensions for 79.99 euros.
Pre-order ESO Necrom

If you also pre-order the expansion by April 4, 2023, you will receive a spur pony from Sadrith Mora as an additional reward.

There is also another statue that you can buy to go with the new expansion.

What are your thoughts on the content of ESO in 2023? Do they speak to you? Are you looking forward to the new class?

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