Hogwarts Legacy Preview: A Harry Potter Fan’s Dream?

Hogwarts Legacy: Character Editor

Since the initial announcement, don’t just wait Harry Potter-Fans eagerly await the release of Hogwarts legacy. How does it feel to be able to explore the magic world freely, using brooms and on your back magical beasts to move or else the path of dark coast to hit?

With the official Released on February 10, 2023 these and many other questions will finally be answered. As part of a Preview events we were already allowed to have one first impression of the game and grab the controller – or magic wand.

Can Hogwarts Legacy live up to our expectations? and fans of JK Rowlings Wizarding World enchant in the truest sense?

In the magical atmosphere of More! theatres in Hamburg’s wholesale market we completely immersed ourselves in the fantastic realms of witches and wizards and created ours own game characterexplored a (really!) small part of the castle grounds and gave us a gripping Duel with poachers and goblins.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Adventure Begins!

“Hogwarts Legacy” is known to be based on the “Harry Potter” novels by JK Rowling and is correspondingly strong rooted in the universe. In the game, however, we experience a previously unmentioned story. What story awaits us?

In the middle of the current school year we are going to Hogwarts and we have a big mystery of the magic world discover. In doing so, our mysterious talent as particularly helpful, but which first needs to be unleashed.

But before we can start our adventure, let’s take it character editor a little closer scrutiny. Here offer themselves enough customization optionsto teleport ourselves to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

There are countless ways to create your own character. © Warner Bros./ Avalanche Software

The corresponding image material was provided to us by Warner Bros. made available. During the preview event we were allowed to show our gameplay – by the way, on the PlayStation 5 – record. the Creation of our own game character however, was excluded.

There is an adventure behind every door

Finally at Hogwarts! It is an indescribable feeling to stand in front of the castle for the first time. The actual size can only be guessed at at first. Only on one Sightseeing flight with the broomthe dimensions of the impressive magic school.

The outdoor area already impressed us enormously. What us however behind the huge wooden gates expected, can hardly be put into words – at least for a Potterhead. We get to the courtyard via the inner courtyard main hallin the center of which a enchanted fountain stands.

Lead from here several stairs in different directions, which make it clear once again that Hogwarts felt every magic family England can accommodate – including all distant relatives.

Of course it is also upwards lots of space, so that your duel opponents who are under the levitation spell do not bump their heads. You can certainly inflate your unwanted aunt and float to the ceiling can leave!

Incidentally, from here we can also get to the librarywhich is located in the western part of the main hall and makes the heart of every bookworm beat faster. Over two floors distributed, you will surely find the right reference work for every topic. But don’t leave yourself in the Forbidden Department catch!

Hogwarts Legacy: Library
The Hogwarts library is really impressive. © Warner Bros./ Avalanche Software

At the back of the main hall are the greenhouses. Of course, these are also a little bigger than those we know from the muggle world. Everywhere it is green and blooming, meter high trees grow straight out of the stone floor and creepers make their way to the glass roof.

It’s no secret that it’s at Hogwarts Lots of secret passages are. Unfortunately, we only got one when playing Fragment of the old walls to see and can’t wait to take a close look at everything for the release. Maybe there is even one achievement for all secret passages discovered – who knows?

The huge game world of “Hogwarts Legacy” is waiting with a lot Side quests and recreational activities on you. These are not only fun, but test your skills at the same time. In the castle courtyard we meet the – subtly arrogant – Leander Prewettwho made us one Accio Duel challenges.

Hogwarts Legacy: Accio Duel
At this point you have to win an accio duel. © Warner Bros./ Avalanche Software

trivia: The name “Prewett” may sound familiar to you. Because that’s the one Molly Weasley’s maiden name. Ron’s great-aunt Muriel is also a Prewett. On top of that, the name appears in the family tree of Black family on.

There are also a few in the game tricky puzzles, which will challenge you properly. For example this pick locks. But don’t imagine it’s that easy! A simple “Alohomora” will not suffice here.

The combat system: More than “pointless waving of wands”

That combat system is in Hogwarts Legacy intuitive and challenging simultaneously. Spells can be combined in a duel. You should also take advantage of this ability. Simply Shooting straight away is hardly effective.

You are rarely on your own in the game. Allied witches and wizards stand by your side and give you a helping hand. Sometimes you can even choose whether you want to duel to accept help or you prefer to defeat your opponents single-handedly.

When we played it, we learned firsthand that the Training fights in dueling club should definitely notice. In the course of the game you can expect strong opponents, which you better not underestimate! Practice definitely pays off here.

Hogwarts Legacy: Battle Scene
The combat in Hogwarts Legacy is not to be underestimated. © Warner Bros./ Avalanche Software

Because we were sent on a mission to get behind this dark secret of poachers to come down on costs magical creatures who want to earn one or the other galleon. When it comes to money, goblins are usually not far away either. Here is our magic put to a hard test!

The quest made a very positive impression on us. Of the collection of evidence in the study area up to Action-packed duel both the story and the controls were able to convince us completely. Everything ran smoothly and the dialogues were not unnecessarily drawn out. This is how we introduce ourselves balanced gameplay Before.

Accio broom! How does one travel appropriately as witches and wizards?

In the open world there is all sorts of things to discover. It is definitely worth roaming through the area with a keen eye. To give you a rough first to get an overviewswing your best on your broom.

The control of the misused sweeper requires a little adjustment period. But once you get the hang of it, it’s insanely fun to explore the game world from the air and do your rounds over the lands and neighboring towns to turn.

Only the broom flight is a indescribable experience. How must it feel, on the back of a Hippogriffs or Thestrals ride?

Hogwarts Legacy: Broom Flight
© Warner Bros./ Avalanche Software

Not quite as spectacular, but still effective Travel via floo network. There are quite a few throughout the wizarding world fast travel pointsthat you can activate. This is the quickest way to get from A to B. But always remember: Speak clearly!

Incidentally, the fast travel points of the floo network all adorn a bust of Ignatia Wildsmith – the inventor of Floo Powder. Every now and then this also leaves one nice saying fall and sweeten your everyday school life.

At this point we want those lovely details of the game should not go unmentioned. The carpets don’t lie neatly on the floor, but fold. Also, the game world full of magic items, with which you can sometimes even interact. How much we rely on the care of the animals happy, we hardly need to mention!

Conclusion: Can Hogwarts Legacy score with Harry Potter fans?

With such a long-awaited game like “Hogwarts Legacy” they are Expectations are of course extremely high and the ideas of the “Harry Potter” fans are certainly different in some places.

“Hogwarts Legacy” makes one on us very good first impression. So we were mainly through a intuitive game mechanics surprised. Both the main story and the side quests promise one exciting journey into the world of witches and wizards.

Just that combat system has caused a slight gray cast in the hairline. But that’s only because we only play when we play train a little could.

With “Hogwarts Legacy” Avalanche, Portkey Games and Warner Bros. have one fantastic world created in itself every potterhead right at home will feel. The multitude of (extra) school activities will many hours to consoles and PCs.

However, the whole thing has a small drop of bitterness: Because although “Hogwarts Legacy” is known as single player experience is created, we would love to be with friends within one online mode hanging out on the castle grounds and maybe even go on adventures together.

Already at the time of the first hands-on there was so much to discover and experience that we didn’t even know where to go first. The game will be safe many more surprises have ready. It has a lot of potential and those responsible would do well to exploit this to the full.


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