Medieval MMORPG celebrates release on Steam in February – after 350 updates in Early Access

Gloria Victis Player Count Steam

Gloria Victis was released in Early Access on Steam in 2016. The MMORPG emphasizes a realistic medieval world without magic, colorful effects and oversized weapons. In recent years, a small but very active community has developed. In February it is now ready for the full release.

What kind of game is this? Gloria Victis is a sandbox game where you sometimes have to find your own content. The game world is dark and brutal. PvP is an important element:

  • The game does without classes. Instead, you level up skills.
  • It uses an action-packed combat system somewhat reminiscent of Mount & Blade that requires you to take aim.
  • A core element of Gloria Victis is besieging and conquering castles. Once in possession, you can then further expand the castles and also have to pay attention to the morale of your residents. Food helps, but also beer and schnapps.
  • There is PvE content such as group quests, events and raids.
  • Crafting with 15 different professions plays an important role.
  • Basically, PvP is possible anywhere in the game. There are 3 nations and you can join one of them. These players are your friends, the other two are your enemies. In most areas there is a “no-loot” rule. However, in some regions, you can lose one piece of gear per death to another player.
  • There are also 1v1 arenas to show off your own skills.

Gloria Victis is primarily aimed at PvP and medieval fans who also don’t put much focus on the graphics. Although there was a graphics update in 2022, you can still see from the game that it is being developed by an indie team from Poland.

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Here’s the first gameplay from the October update:

Gloria Victis – Game World Update and Weather Trailer

What happens now? On February 7th, Gloria Victis will officially be released on Steam. This leaves the Early Access, which it has been in since 2016. Since then, almost 350 updates and almost 1,000 hotfixes or server-side patches have been brought into play (via Steam). The world has now tripled in size and hundreds of new skins have been added to the game.

With the release, the old “Legacy Server” will be continued, but a completely new server will also be opened on which players can start fresh.

A small but active community on Steam

How does Gloria Victis arrive? The MMORPG never boasted large numbers of players. At the start of Early Access, there were 1,481 simultaneous players in the peak. Until January 2018, the number of players steadily decreased, but new updates brought the community back.

At the moment there are almost always at least 200 people online at the same time, at peak times it is between 350 and 450.

Gloria Victis has kept these numbers relatively constant since January 2019, with only minimal fluctuations.

The player numbers via SteamDB.

In the almost 5,400 reviews, the MMORPG gets 71% positive comments. Especially fans of old titles like Dark Age of Camelot or Warhammer Online praise the game.

The negative comments are mainly for the graphics, the general PvP focus and the few players that you meet in places. In addition, the developers should often get lost in the details of new content and not prioritize the most important things.

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What monetization does the game use? Gloria Victis is Buy2Play and currently costs 19.99 euros. There is also a shop that contains cosmetic skins and account enhancements such as additional character slots or name changes. Pay2Win does not exist.

Even after the release, the model should be retained. It is currently not known whether the price will remain the same.

What do you think of Gloria Victis? Does the MMORPG appeal to you? Have you already played it or will you try it in the future? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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