PlayStation 5: According to insiders, the Pro model is currently rather unlikely

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It’s a good two years PlayStation 5 now on the market, the situation is slowly calming down and even mere mortals can buy a console without sacrificing their firstborn.

Of course, Sony is already thinking about the future and how the PS5 should actually continue. Many rumors revolve around a Pro and a Slim model – Sure, that’s how it was done with the previous console. Industry insider Tom Henderson, on the other hand, only expects small improvements and the speculated removable drive in the near future.

PlayStation 5: One small step for Sony, one tiny step for gamers

On twitter Henderson elaborates on what he thinks of the rumors and what he hears from the industry himself: “Regarding all the rumors about a PlayStation 5 Pro or Slim – I don’t think it’s a Pro or Slim. From my understanding, it’s more of a 2nd gen of the regular PS5. The regular PS5 will be out of production by the end of the year and the new model will go into production in April and go on sale from September.”

“Sony wouldn’t stop producing PS5 Gen 1 if they had another console in production at a different price point and with different tech. The new PS5 will cost less to produce and ship because they can produce a single console; with a removable disk drive.” The rumor over a PS5 with a removable disc drive is also by Henderson and first appeared in September last year.

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Accordingly, they want to continue to stick to the regular version, the industry insider explains further: “I’m not sure whether this generation will have a Pro version. It doesn’t feel like the regular variant is being fully utilized yet and that won’t change until the end of the year. All I can say is that I’ve heard more about a PlayStation 6 than a PS5 Pro.”

What should the 2nd generation of the PlayStation 5 be able to do?

Of course, this does not mean that the PlayStation 6 is already in the starting blocks – on the contrary. A document from the dispute between Sony and Microsoft finally suggested at the end of November that that we shouldn’t expect a renumbered console before 2027. It is much more likely that the Japanese company is working on a cheaper version.

Already in the past reduced the weight of the console with newly produced hardware and will certainly continue to refine it in order to save costs. Better technique should players in the “2. Generation” but do not expect “It probably has similar technology with reduced weight and for the same price. I guess if you buy it without the disc drive it becomes the price of the digital version and the disc then brings it up to the normal PlayStation 5 price.”

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