Pokémon GO: Hurry up and defeat Giovanni before he changes his Pokémon

Crypto Mewtwo

There’s a new event coming to Pokémon GO that will also see Team GO Rocket making some changes, including Giovanni. This rotates the best attacker in the game out for the time being.

What is this event? In Pokémon GO, a new Rocket takeover will take place as part of the High Voltage Event.

However, the Rocket takeover does not begin at the same time as the event, but only halfway: It starts on February 1st, 2023.

This is where some important things will come into play. For example, during the event you can unlearn the Frustration attack to improve your Crypto Attackers. In addition, Team GO Rocket will send new Crypto Pokémon into battle against you.

And the same goes for Giovanni. But that also means: If you still want to have your Crypto-Mewtwo, you should hurry up.

Currently, Giovanni still relies on Mewtwo. But not for long.

Crypto Mewtwo will only be available in Pokémon GO for a few days

Why is Crypto Mewtwo important? The Crypto variant of the powerful Psychic Pokémon is the strongest raid attacker in Pokémon GO on paper. Crypto Mewtwo not only has extremely strong stats, but also access to numerous attacks of different types, making it very versatile.

But there’s only one way to get Crypto-Mewtwo: by fighting Giovanni. However, the Rocket Boss’ Pokemon change from time to time.

Pokémon GO: Find Rocket Bosses – Here’s how to collect the Rocket Radar and track them down

This is also the case with the new Rocket acquisition. Since Shadow Registeel will become the new boss Pokémon, replacing Shadow Mewtwo.

Registeel is a strong monster in the PvP league, it doesn’t matter much in raids. However, trainers are currently discussing that the Crypto status for Registeel in Battle League could even be a disadvantage due to the reduced defense (via reddit).

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So if you still want to secure a Crypto Mewtu, you should do so quickly – because the deadline expires on February 1st. However, it’s not that easy.

How do you get Crypto Mewtwo now? In theory, all you have to do is defeat the Rocket boss Giovanni, you can find the right counters here. Then you have to go in search of the boss.

Pokemon GO Rocket
If you still have an old Super Radar or equivalent research, you can still get Giovanni

However, certain prerequisites are required in order to be able to meet the boss at all.

  • Either, you still have a Super Rocket Radar in the item bag that you can use to track him down.
  • Or you still have a special research left that gives a Super Rocket Radar as a reward.

However, if you have already completed all the relevant Rocket special research and no longer have a Super Rocket Radar in the item bag, there is no longer any way of finding Giovanni in time.

The next research with a radar is supposed to come on February 1st.

But if you still meet one of the requirements, then you have just under a week to secure your Crypto Mewtwo.

Otherwise, the Hoenn Tour is now getting closer and closer. All information about the worldwide Hoenn tour in Pokémon GO can be found here.