“Steamworld Build”: “Anno” meets “Dungeon Keeper”

"Steamworld Build": "Anno" meets "Dungeon Keeper"

Thunderful Development, the developer of the “Steamworld” games, is working on a new branch of its popular game saga. With “Steamworld Build” the series is expanded to include a building game that, according to initial information, could become an interesting mix of “Anno” and “Dungeon Keeper”.

In “Steamworld Build” there will be two levels on which the gameplay takes place: On the surface, the players build a thriving mining town, but underground – in the mines – all kinds of nasty monsters lurk that need to be defended against. In the trailer the developers present their new project in more detail. If you want to make your own impression, you can find a free demo version in the Steam game shop. The final “Steamworld Build” for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles should follow soon – according to the developers it is “available soon”.


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