WoW: Dragonflight brought more skills & talents … but also more fun?

In addition to the dragons, the talent trees are the focus of WoW: Dragonflight.

The big feature of WoW: Dragonflight, in addition to dragon riding and the revision of crafting, is certainly the introduction of dual talent trees. These should not only bring more playful depth to the classes, but also replace the antiquated systems of borrowed power. Instead of pacts, artifact weapons or Azerite armor, the talent trees should bring enough variety and keep our specs fresh for a long time.

Of course, this also means that since the launch of Dragonflight, our playstyles have had access to a significantly larger set of talents and abilities. Although this offers more freedom in designing your own talent distribution, it also makes the classes more complex and has a few disadvantages – especially in the area of ​​balancing. The more talents and abilities there are, the harder it will be for developers to balance properly. But that shouldn’t be the topic today. We want to see whether the increase in talents and abilities has also led to more fun in the game.

More talent, more individuality, more fun?

The new talent trees have not only taken over pretty much all the talents from Shadowlands, but also packed various legendary effects, pact abilities, media, Azerit perks and God knows what else in the talent trees. Interestingly, for many classes, this didn’t affect the gameplay at all. Whether you get the effects A, B and C from the talent tree or from three different sources (Talent, Legendary, Pact) doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

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In addition to the dragons, the talent trees are the focus of WoW: Dragonflight.
Source: Blizzard

In other classes, however, there are noticeable differences. This is mostly due to the fact that the distribution in the talent tree now allows combinations that were previously out of the question. Some of these contain strong synergies, which in turn ensure a different and sometimes more fun way of playing.

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The more talents and the new trees also invite you to try them out – in theory. The developers had hoped that we players would try different combinations over and over again, ultimately resulting in our own individual way of playing. But that only worked for a small percentage of the players. Some of these tinker with their talent trees to find the perfect spread for a specific boss fight or dungeon. It’s not about personal preference, it’s about pure calculation to be as effective as possible. Others actually just use the skills they enjoy – regardless of DpS and HpS. The latter are usually rarely on the road in raids or higher keystones.

In fact, there are players who have a lot of fun working their way through the many talents and painstakingly tinkering with their own distribution. For these players, the new trees are a boon and a lot more fun than seven rows of three talents each. For (estimated) 80 percent of all players, however, this is not a factor. They use Blizzard’s entry-level distribution or copy ready-made distributions from external websites or their fellow players. However, it must also be noted that they do not have a disadvantage from having more talents.