WoW: Patch 10.0.5 is live! – You should do that now

WoW Panda Draenei Chest title

World of Warcraft patch 10.0.5 is live. We’ll tell you what you should do as soon as possible – and what you still have to wait for.

Barely two months after the launch of Dragonflight, the development team behind World of Warcraft has already pulled the first patch out of a hat. The update only brings a few big features, but a lot of “little stuff” that WoW fans have been wanting for a long time. Collectors in particular get a lot to do, because new features such as the trading post and the expanded transmog system should again require many hours of play time.

Basically, there is relatively little “mandatory content” in Dragonflight that you should definitely work through monthly or weekly. Most of it is optional and should therefore depend on your own preferences and personal goals in the game. We list here what is worthwhile and might be worth a look.

1. Animal sets for everyone – you can craft them now!

One of the new features directly tied to more player power is the ability to convert gear from various endgame activities into tier armor, starting today.

To start the quest, speak to Keeper Koranos at the Seat of the Aspects – at the top of the tallest tower in Valdrakken. The quest requires you to complete group activities. These can be dungeons, raid bosses, world bosses or events like the Great Hunt. Progress for this quest is account-wide, so you can work on the quest with multiple characters at the same time.

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You earn the charges for all characters at the same time, but they are consumed individually by your characters. So if you’ve completed the weekly quest twice, all of your characters can then convert 2 items into tier set pieces. Not only do you do something good for your “main”, but you also have the certainty that you can quickly let current or future twinks catch up with the strong set equipment.

Best of all, you don’t need any additional resources to convert gear into tier set pieces, aside from charging.

You can now make animal sets out of your armor to dust off the big set bonuses.

2. New content in the open world

Although not much has changed, you will still discover innovations in some places. There is the “Rage of the Storm” event that takes place every 5 hours in the future of the primalists. But even in the old areas there is more to see. Because in all elite areas (Nokhudon Strongholds, Imbu, Cobalt Coven, Tyrhold and Future of the Primalists) there are new, rare enemies with exclusive loot. Note, however, that these enemies are mostly “elite” and may require a party to defeat, depending on the class you’re playing.

So it can be worth scouring through a few old elite areas to find new items and one or two reputation items.

3. Transmog treasures on alts that become important now

Maybe not relevant for all players, but collectors should also heed this tip. As of today, it is possible for white and gray items to be added to the transmog system as well. It can therefore be worthwhile to log in once on all your characters and rummage through the bank compartments. Some of you probably still have the stylish hat from the Worgen starting area lying around or other old items that you once kept for the look but then completely forgot.

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Note that these items will now also become soulbound when equipped. It is therefore not possible to first “learn” them yourself and then sell them.

Your transmog can now get even more absurd.

Bonus: odds and ends and old “old” content

Those who focus a little less on the Dragon Islands and the latest content will still find a lot to do in patch 10.0.5, because various events and challenges are active again:

  • The Mage Tower is back and has been updated for the new talent system. Can you complete the challenge and complete the hard boss fight for your class?
  • The Moon Festival is active and Elders can now also be found on the Dragon Isles, bringing a new achievement.
  • War Mode can now also be activated in Valdrakken, making it easier to just drop into this game mode and complete additional quests.

Professions now learn their specializations much earlier.

What about the trading post?

The trading post is one of the biggest features of patch 10.0.5, but it’s not even active yet. This is not due to nasty “timegating”, but the fact that the current month of January only has very few days left. Players would feel compelled to complete Trading Post tasks under significant pressure in order to reap the full rewards for that month.

To avoid this, the trading post will start on February 1st. We have all the information about the trading post in this article for you.