WoW quick tip: Unlock the revival catalyst – this is where you start the quest

WoW: Attention Bug!  Revitalizing Catalyst removes socket slots

from Sebastian Glanzer
Since January 25, 2023, players in WoW: Dragonflight have been able to unlock the revive catalyst. This titan device allows you to convert certain items into the coveted tier set pieces. We’ll show you where the quest revival of the machine starts and what you have to do for it.

As soon as you log in to WoW: Dragonflight with your character from this ID, i.e. from January 25, 2023, your first path may lead to the Great Treasury, but after that you should immediately Guardian Koranos in Valdrakken visit. Because the quest for the revitalization catalyst starts with him, with which you will produce animal set parts in the future.

He’s with the Coordinates 54/41 on the Tower Seat of the Aspects, where you will also find the Dragon Aspects. Guardian Koranos gives you these Quest revival of the machine. For this you have to go to the coordinates 60/53 (north of the Tyrhold reservoir) in Thaldraszus as shown on the map. Just talk to Antuka there and that’s it. The feature is now activated. Next to this NPC is the Revival Catalyst, whose interface Shadowlands players should still be familiar with from the Creation Catalyst.