Hajime Isayama the creator of Attack on Titan works on a new project

Attack on Titan creator working on a new project

The Attack on Titan creator spent years of his life with Eren Jeager, but lately he’s done little more than rest. After all, Hajime Isayama closed his manga a few years ago, and Attack on Titan will be closing for good this year.

The anime will release its final episodes soon enough, and Isayama kicked off the press for the finale a few months ago. And during a recent appearance, Isayama surprised fans when he announced that he would soon be trying to take up the pen.

The information comes from the recent appearance of Isayama in France. The creator showed up at a comic convention to talk all things Attack on Titan and his career.

When asked about the future by a moderator, the creator said that he had been working on a special project behind the scenes. “This has yet to be announced,” he shared (via pikaedition). “But maybe I’ll take my pen and publish another 15 pages. I can’t promise you anything, but thanks to all your applause, I’ll do my best.”

There you have it. Isayama has not given up on the manga idea. The artist is enjoying his well-deserved vacation these days, but Isayama could be persuaded to post more in the future as long as the fans give him their support.

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