Pokémon Go: Proto-Kyogre in Proto-Raid – the 15 best counters!

Pokémon Sleep ... seems to still exist!

Attention, coaches! In Pokémon Go there will soon be new legendary Pokémon that can perform a Mega Evolution – or rather: a Protomorphosis. Have you ever heard of this? If not, take a look our article on protomorphosis pure. There you will find everything you need to know about it!

Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas: Primal Kyogre is currently available exclusively to event ticket holders. Also, Proto-Energy and Protomorph itself are only available to ticket holders. Only Kyogre caught by Ticket Holders in Proto Raids have the Origin Surge signature move. Until the event”Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Global“All other Pokémon Go players have to be patient – and it is not yet clear how the protomorphosis Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre will then be handled by Niantic for all trainers worldwide.

fun fact: In the Ruby and Sapphire editions, Kyogre has the Drizzle special ability. The weather changes to rain. During rainy weather, Water-type attacks are boosted and Fire-type attacks are weakened. The Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire remake editions introduced the protomorphosis of Kyogre. When the Legendary Pokémon evolves into Primal Kyogre, its Special Ability changes to Primal Sea. Primal Sea is an enhanced version of Drizzle. The ability has even been carried over to Pokémon Go with some modifications. If you have developed Kyogre into Proto-Kyogre and the pocket monster is part of your combat team, water, electric and bug attacks will be boosted – i.e. all attacks that are usually boosted in the rain. If Primal Kyogre is your sidekick, you’ll get extra XP and Candy for catching Water-, Electric-, and Bug-type Pokémon. That’s a nice bonus! In the guide below, we will tell you how to best counteract Protomorphosis Kyogre in the proto-raids.

Primal Kyogre as a raid boss

Primal Kyogre is Mono-Type Water and gains no other types despite Protomorphosis; there is Proto-Groudon so a little cooler. This means that Primal Kyogre is weak to Grass-type (boosted in sun and clear skies) and Electric-type (boosted in rain) as usual. So you can choose between your plant and electric counters alike. Clear recommendation at the point: The mega developments of the plant starters. Be careful here though: Primal Kyogre can master an Ice-type Charged Attack. In the worst case, your counters, which are of the Plant type themselves, are swept off the field with one attack.

Proto-Kyogre counts an impressive 69,113 CP and anyone who has mastered the legendary mega raids with Latias and Latios knows: the numbers should not be underestimated, nor should the attack power. Primal Kyogre’s instant attack repertoire consists solely of the Water type. Its charge attack can be Ice, Water or Electric type. If you want to fight the Pokémon in the proto-raid, you should definitely look for a few Pokémon Go players, otherwise your project is doomed to failure. Below is a list of the best counters against Primal Kyogre.

  • Mega Squadro with ball seed and flora statue
  • Katagami with razor blade and leaf blade
  • Crypto Raikou with thunderbolt and electric shock
  • Zekrom with charging beam and cross thunder
  • Zarude with tendril and leaf scourge
  • Mega Venusaur with Vine Chop and Flora Statue
  • Voltrian with thunderbolt and discharge
  • Mega Voltenso with thunder tooth and electric shock
  • Crypto Magnezone with sparks and electric shock
  • Crypto Tango Loss with tendril and leaf scourge
  • Crypto Electrovoltek with thunderbolt and electric shock
  • Crypto torture terrar with razor blade and Flora statue
  • Raikou with thunderbolt and electric shock
  • Crypto Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
  • Crypto Mewtwo with Psycho Blade and Thunderbolt
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