The Last of Us: Season 2 confirmed as the series is a resounding success

The Last of Us: Joel and Elli encounter traces of the past.

from Susan Brown
The folks at HBO confirm we can expect a second season of The Last of Us! That was either to be expected or a surprise, as average Joe viewers still have no idea where the first season of The Last of Us will end compared to what happens in the game.

When the first episodes of the HBO production The Last of Us, based on Naughty Dog’s video game of the same name, were released, viewers were absolutely delighted. Some have even commented that TLOU is how The Walking Dead was always supposed to be. This is of course a matter of opinion and taste. There are now at least three Season 1 episodes available to watch over here via Wow/Sky, and it’s clear that the showrunners are taking some liberties to add interesting and meaningful narratives to the universe of The Last of Us.

That there is a second season of The Last of Us (buy now ) could give, that was actually to be expected. Depending on the pace of the first season, not all of the game’s story points may be ticked off within nine episodes. And then there was The Last of Us 2, let’s not forget that! Apparently, The Last of Us is also doing well to the satisfaction of those responsible at HBO, because a second season has been officially confirmed since January 27, 2023.

The Adventures of Joel and Ellie…and More

Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, and Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, are of course also the protagonists of the series, but as the third episode of the series in particular has shown, there are also other important characters and gripping stories that are told apart from the adventures of the two can become. If you want to know what’s happening in the series, then of course you can Take a look at our episode summaries. And if you don’t want to be spoiled, then of course we just wish you a lot of fun watching!