Acer as an OEM for custom designs of AMD and Intel graphics cards?

Acer as an OEM for custom designs of AMD and Intel graphics cards?

from Maximilian Hohm
Acer currently seems to be planning an expansion into the DIY PC market and wanting to offer both custom designs for the new AMD and Intel graphics cards. The focus should be on particularly competitive prices and the cards should have a clear premium claim, for which Acer is not yet known. Read more about this below.

AMD’s RDNA 3 graphics cards have so far come in roughly two different types. On the one hand there are the MBA models, which are not only sold by AMD itself, but also by OEMs such as Asus, Sapphire or Powercolor. They are fully compliant with the reference design and deliver exactly what AMD envisioned. The MBA models have a properly dimensioned power supply and a good cooler, although custom models from the manufacturer can do better in this regard and thus represent the second camp.

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The usual suspects cavort here, be it the TUF models from Asus, the gaming OC design from Gigabyte or Powercolor’s Red Devil. The manufacturers offer improved PCBs, more equipment and customization options for a slightly higher price. Acer now also wants to get involved in this end customer market and seems to be preparing Radeon RX-7900 models at very competitive prices. However, these plans do not only seem to affect AMD graphics cards, but also Intel. A cooperation between Acer and Nvidia for the DIY sector is apparently not yet to be expected, although there has already been an RTX 3090 Predator for the in-house Orion gaming PCs in the past, but it never made it onto the market on its own.

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Acer already has a custom model of Intel’s Arc A770 on offer, the from 444 euros is listed in the PCGH price comparison. Now the question arises as to whether the manufacturer will adapt the bifrost cooler of this model for the significantly more power-hungry Radeon RX 7900XT(X) or whether there will be a completely new development. The Bifrost cooler has a combination of axial and radial fans that has become rare today and thus achieves two very narrow slots and a length of only 267 millimeters, which qualifies the card for many smaller gaming PCs in terms of size.

Source: Wccftech