Amplified sound card: Creative introduces Sound Blaster X5 for headphones

Amplified sound card: Creative introduces Sound Blaster X5 for headphones

from Maximilian Hohm
Creative has introduced the new Soundblaster X5 for headphones, which should convince with decent equipment and customization options. There are also many connection options, a control app and a player mode. So read more about Creative’s Sound Blaster X5 below.

With the Sound Blaster X5, Creative has introduced a new USB DAC and amplifier sound card aimed at music enthusiasts. It is the manufacturer’s first model with a dual DAC design and offers two Cirrus Logic CS43198 DACs, which are said to be able to deliver lossless playback in 32-bit / 384 kHz with a dynamic range of up to 130 db DNR. To ensure that there is as little distortion as possible, an oversampling multi-bit modulator is used, which leads to a low THD value of 0.00018 percent.

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The manufacturer provides the sound card for headphones with an impedance of up to 600 ohms, which means that very expensive and high-quality headphones also fall within the amplifier’s area of ​​responsibility. In-ear monitors with an output impedance of one ohm can also be operated with the Sound Blaster X5. The proprietary Xamp headphone bi-amplification technology, which is used in the manufacturer’s high-quality series, is intended to ensure, in combination with a dual DAC and dual Xamp configuration, that a fully symmetrical headphone output is available for optimal sound experiences.

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For the sound card there is an individual control via app. A 10-band equalizer is available through the Creative App and users can make numerous customizations that equate to better sound quality or tuning. The scout mode, which works out certain acoustic patterns, is particularly interesting for competitive players and can offer them a small advantage. On the connection side, RCA and Toslink are available as well as a USB-C for audio and power. A 3.5mm jack input for microphones and a 4.4mm jack for balanced headphones are complemented by a regular 3.5mm jack for normal headphones.

There is also Bluetooth 5.0 and a special USB-A host connection for wireless audio transmitters. Input is via a simple button layout on the front of the sound card. Creative sets a recommended retail price of 309.99 euros for the Sound Blaster X5. It is not yet listed in the PCGH price comparison, but it can already be found on the Manufacturer’s website be obtained.

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