Arson: Investigation into fire in the pit of the sons of nature

One shock message for the YouTuber Gerrit and Andy, better known as them sons of nature. A fire has broken out in their forest. Here is one of their projects completely destroyed been. The police and fire brigade were on duty. It is now being determined against unknown persons potential arson. So it goes on for the bushcrafters now.

Pit house burned down: is arson possible?

several years Gerrit and Andy worked on their pit house. The entire work is gone in a very short time. After the fire, the house is unrecognizable. What remains is a crater full of rubble and ash.

What is a pit house? With a pit house, the space becomes almost entirely dug into the ground. Together with the above-ground roof, an almost normal room height is achieved. Usually with natural materials worked like wood and stone.

Gerrit’s brother has the fire accidentally noticed, when he wanted to celebrate with friends in the camp. The house had already burned down completely. Fire brigade and police were called as a precaution to the last extinguish embers. In the meantime, the two can smile about their reactions to the news:

“What kind of ruin is that, what was there? The pit house was there, but all the wood can’t be gone. Gerrit, where is the pit house?”

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It is not known if the fire started accidentally. However, the creators are quite sure that this is the case set fire intentionally must have been. The police are investigating.

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Blessings in disguise: making new plans

As bad as the sight is. See Gerrit and Andy positive into the future. It was unanimously decided to make the best of the situation. you want one new pit house to build. This time even bigger and even more complex.

At the same time, they know that they Blessing in disguise because there is a risk of forest fires even in winter.

“If that had happened in the summer, it would have just been over. Then the forest would have completely gone swimming here. […] I’m so glad our forest didn’t burn down. Then we would simply have had nothing.”

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