Brilliant Harley Quinn cosplay doesn’t need the Joker anymore!

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The DC cosmos is currently on everyone’s lips. Finally is with James Gunn and Peter Saffron as the new dual leadership of the DC studios, the future of many brands and figures is uncertain. How will Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Co. continue? These questions are likely to have an impact on characters like that in the not too distant future joker and Harley Quinn relate. After all, both are among the most charismatic characters in the DC universe. But the fact that Harley also works without the toxic antagonist is proven time and time again in addition to numerous films and games by the cosplay community.

Fantastic cosplay of Harley Quinn

The Reddit Account “JFHCosplay” recently shared a project on the DC icon in the corresponding subreddit. The account is an engaged couple who create numerous cosplays for various characters in their free time. In addition to characters from the Witcher games, the two also work on their own, for example D&D characters.

According to their own statements, the cosplay of Harley Quinn was the first project of the two. In addition, the costume is on together with the jester’s cap Batman: Arkham Asylum ajar. In view of the number of Harley Quinn projects that are based on the look from Suicide Squad, this is currently a unique selling point. All in all there was a lot of praise for the great costume and hairstyle to match.

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