Damn ax! Sony unveils giant God of War gun in London and we wonder why

Did Kratos lose his ax in London?

Did Kratos lose his ax in London?

If you are currently walking through London, you can unexpectedly stumble across the tracks of Kratos, the god of war from God of War. With a view of Big Ben, there is a huge Leviathan ax stuck in the ground, which looks like the giant just threw it. This naturally begs the question of what could be behind this rather eye-catching promotion.

This is the promotion

The official PlayStation UK Twitter account posted images of the weapon. These give us a good impression of how detailed and cool the scenery is designed. Both the ax itself glows, as well as the cracks in the pathway plates it “hammered” into. Smoke even seems to be creeping out of the shattered ground. Next to it is a minibus from the fictional news program “Live from PS5”.

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We asked Sonywhether there is more behind the campaign and will update this article for you as soon as we have received an answer.

Announcement coming up? That could mean the action?

That cannot be said with certainty at the moment. “Live from PS5” is a larger campaign, under whose banner, for example, a commercial for Spider-Man 2 was broadcast.

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There was also a video with various Sony titles that gave rise to speculation about a new Uncharted. So it could be that Sony is simply advertising the big blockbuster title that was released just a few months ago.

God of War Ragnarök - How Kratos was created in the game


God of War Ragnarök – How Kratos was created in the game

However, this very special and certainly expensive eye-catcher offers room for speculation, like if it’s a teaser for an upcoming announcement, for example a Ragnarök DLC. However, we can only say whether one or the other applies when there is official information from Sony. Before that, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high and just enjoy the cool staging instead.

How do you like the action? Would you like to walk by? And what do you think is behind it?