Dead Space 2: Easter Egg in the first part gives hope for another remake

Dead Space 2: Easter Egg in the first part gives hope for another remake

With the remake of DeadSpace Just a few days ago, Motive Studios succeeded in reviving a franchise that had been believed dead. Now there are increasing indications of a new edition of the second part.

Dead Space 2 was originally released in 2011, around three years after the first part of the sci-fi survival horror series. Another twelve years later the remake came and now it looks like fans won’t have to wait for such a long period of time again.

Dead Space 2: Hints at the remake as an Easter Egg in the first part

It’s not uncommon for fans to long for more remasters once one of their favorite games has been released. But in the case of Dead Space 2, there is concrete evidence for the assumption that the second part could also get a remake.

Players want in the so-called New Game Plus Mode of Dead Space Remake, with which you start another run with slightly different game conditions after the first exit of the title, have discovered a crucial clue. If you want to find it yourself, you should stop reading from here, because a smaller spoiler awaits you.

Strictly speaking, it is an Easter egg that was hidden in the text logs of the NG+ mode on the USG Ishimura. In those two characters talk about the prospect of a new job after their spaceship has been decommissioned. Titan Station, a huge space base on Saturn’s moon Titan, is also mentioned. And that’s where a large part of the story of Dead Space 2 takes place.

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Not the only clue

The snippets of text from the two workers were not present in the original version of Dead Space. But of course a few conversations about the so-called sprawl, i.e. the space station from Dead Space 2, are far from enough to seriously believe in a remake of the second part.

The situation is different with the statements made by the developers in the course of an interview with the magazine GQ met In it, Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola and Senior Producer Phil Ducharme said: “I think Roman and I are interested – you can see his smile – in exploring Dead Space further. There are ideas, that’s for sure. […] We’re going to go on vacation and then we’re going to sit down and have a discussion inside EA about what we want to do next.”

On top of that, there was another hint in Dead Space Remake, which at first glance seemed extremely mysterious, which a resourceful fan had to decide first:

The first stanza of the poem is said to be a nod to the Oracles, a mysterious group of fanatical cultists found in Dead Space 2, according to fans. The other verses could even be a preview of Dead Space 3. Until the time comes and we can prepare for a Dead Space 2 remake, there should still be some time for the first part. Whether Our test reveals that the new edition of Dead Space is worth it at all.

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