Dead Space Remake: Accessibility options let you completely hide disturbing content

There is almost 20 minutes of new gameplay material for Dead Space Remake.

In Dead Space things are not squeamish. However, some content can be hidden.

With the Dead Space Remake, Motive Studios has succeeded in creating an excellent new edition of the horror classic from 2008. The new development not only dresses Isaac Clarke’s nightmare trip to the USG Ishimura in a contemporary look, but also sensibly adapts the gameplay or entire sections of the game.

And modern adaptation nowadays also includes the integration of accessibility options – so that as many people as possible can be carried away by the horror game and its exceptionally dense atmosphere. Dead Space Remake offers many of these options, including various settings for subtitle sizes or adjustments for people with color disabilities.

Warn and/or hide

The two settings in the menu.

The two settings in the menu.

What is exceptional, however, is the remake’s handling of potentially disturbing scenes, of which there are quite a few in the game. The two points can also be set in the accessibility settings

  • Content Warning and
  • Hide disturbing scenes

ak or deactivate. If the first option is set, an overlay pops up in the game shortly before a corresponding scene, which classifies the upcoming situation and provides context. An example for:

The second option goes one step further. This completely hides the disturbing scenes by blurring the areas with the relevant content so that they are no longer recognizable. Important: The sound, i.e. associated effects etc., remains unaffected by this setting and is not adjusted.

A quick test on our version of Dead Space showed that the feature works smoothly, although it’s not really obvious when the game sets a limit for hiding content.

Here’s a look at what the content warnings look like directly in-game:

Content Warning

A warning appears just before a disturbing scene.

hide scenes

The area where the scene takes place will be blurred out.

Editorial opinion

Tobias Veltin

Dead Space contains many scenes that are not easy to digest. The built-in content alerts, triggered by certain scenes, are therefore a very good way to still enjoy the game. Because Dead Space is creepy even without its brutal interludes, the sound alone gives you enormous goosebumps.

It’s nice that EA and Motive want to appeal to as many people as possible and not scare them away – other horror games may well learn a lot from this in the future.

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Dead Space Remake - Test video for the grandiose new edition


Dead Space Remake – Test video for the grandiose new edition

Dead Space has been available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC since January 27, 2023. In our test of the remake, we explain in more detail why the new edition was adapted almost perfectly and which elements have not aged so well from today’s perspective.

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