Destiny 2 and the Tangle: These exotic weapons and armor await you in Lightfall

Destiny 2 and the Tangle: These exotic weapons and armor await you in Lightfall

The trailer is almost like that of a rhythm shooter. Destiny 2 introduces Lightfall’s exotic weapons in a new trailer.

We unravel the tangle

Bungie always manages to get fans rocking on the gaming chairs or at least letting them sit with their eyes open in front of the screen. This time, the most important new terms from Strang, which await all Guardians in the Lighfall expansion, will be presented. Lightfall will be released on February 28, 2023.

One such term is “tangle”. These bundles of Quantum Strands are left behind when enemies are decomposed, offering different uses by Wardens. Bungie is also introducing new weapons and armor from the Lightfall expansion, which will be released on February 28th.

Final warning is a strand pistol that fires homing projectiles. Deterministic Chaos grants you a Void machine gun that rhythmically weakens enemies when fired. Every fourth shot weakens them, every sixteenth destabilizes them.

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Winter’s Bite is an exotic stat glaive that freezes enemies on contact with Frost Shockwaves and boosts your follow-up attacks. The exotic helm Cyrtarachne’s Facade provides additional protection for hunters and flinch resistance when shimmying.

With Hover Leap, Titans equip leg armor that, when used with their barricade, spawns homing projectiles that can bind enemies and provide additional protection to the wearer.

Last but not least, there’s the Swarmer Warlock Legguards. This allows the mage class to create a so-called thread that attacks enemies after you destroy a tangle.

The Quicksilver Storm Catalyst upgrade is also featured in the trailer. This ensures that strand tangles are created as soon as you dust off a kill with the Exotic Auto Rifle grenades.

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