Destiny 2: Exclusive Trailer Shows Off 6 New Weapons And Exotics From Lightfall – Extremely Captivating

Destiny 2: Exclusive Trailer Shows Off 6 New Weapons And Exotics From Lightfall - Extremely Captivating

The time until the new DLC in Destiny 2 flies by. A new trailer today, January 31st, revealed more insights into the dazzling metropolis DLC. The latest trailer reveals what modern weapons and gear are available to players in Neomuna.

The trailer shows: In the latest trailer, Bungie shows off the new weapons and exotics from the upcoming Lightfall DLC in a premiere.

The trailer showcases the new ability, Strange, in full action. Guardians will soon be able to create so-called tangles in the “Lightfall” DLC. These are bundles of quantum strands left behind when enemies are decomposed. These tangles are used by Wardens, who use skein to weave objects and creatures, or for other weapon-related purposes.

  • Titans can strand their barricade to create three projectiles that rush towards enemies, fatally rolling them over.

Check out the new Lightfall Exotic Strand armor and weapons in action here:

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Trailer for new weapons and equipment

These are the new weapons and exotics from Lightfall

There are 4 weapons in total. Once the well-known, with nanotechnology-optimized exo automatic rifle “Quicksilver Storm” and three other, previously unknown items.

  • Last warning – This first strand pistol fires homing projectiles that seek out nearby enemies.
  • Deterministic Chaos – A Void machine gun that rhythmically weakens enemies when fired. Every fourth shot weakens enemies, and then the 16th shot destabilizes enemies, triggering a nice, devastating explosion.
  • winter bite – A truly huge and exotic Stasis Glaive that freezes enemies on contact with Frost Shockwaves, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Exotic armor also has three exclusive views for the green ability:

  • Cyrtarachne’s facade – This Exotic Helm provides additional protection as hunters gain armor and flinch resistance when aiming.
  • hover jump – When Titans use their barricade with this Exotic Leg Armor, it creates homing projectiles that bind enemies and grants armor to its wearer.
  • fanatic – This new Exotic Leg Armor allows Warlocks to create a Thread that infests and attacks enemies after they destroy a Tangle.
quicksilver storm destiny2 auto rifle.lightfall
Quicksilver Storm – the pre-order Exo from Lightfall

Quicksilver Storm Catalyst Upgrade: The trailer also features an update to the Quicksilver Storm pre-order item. Players who own the Exotic Auto Rifle can use the Catalyst upgrade to create strand tangles with grenade kills that can be thrown at enemies.

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When is the new DLC coming? Destiny 2: Lightfall will be released on February 28, 2023.

What do you think of the fact that your guardian will soon be unpacking the knitting needles to create little threads in the new DLC? Leave us your opinion here on MeinMMO.

However, those who were still hoping for SIVA, a state-of-the-art technology to return to Destiny 2, were disappointed, as Bungie explained in the Q&A with MeinMMO:

Players in Destiny 2 have been waiting for Legendary Menace for 5 years – Now Bungie declares that it will never return