Destiny 2: Vanguard and Strike subclasses come as replacements for Umbral Engrams!

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It’s only four more weeks until Destiny 2: Lightfall will be released and season 20 will start. This means that in Bungie’s MMO shooter there will not only be adjustments to game systems, but also to the in-game economy. Among other things, the Umbral Engrams will be abolished, but before your mind starts gasping, rest easy! They will be replaced with seasonal engrams, similar to how the game currently does with Crucible and Gambit engrams.

And speaking of similar: Focusing Vanguard armor and weapons, as well as Dusk weapons, becomes possible with Zavala…similar to the other Ritual bosses. Details will follow shortly, first of all the information that Ada will be selling three shaders at 10,000 Glimmer each week from season 20. The shaders include those that you can no longer get in the game, for example because the corresponding destinations are currently not available in the MMO shooter. Io about. Or New Pacific. Below are the details on Zavala’s Vanguard and Dusk item focus starting in Season 20, February 28, 2023 – the original is available from Bungie.

Vanguard and Dusk focus

Beginning in Season 20, Commander Zavala will allow players to channel Vanguard weapons and armor. The Vanguard Discipline is the last of the core rituals to receive full engram focusing options. This introduces Vanguard Engrams that only appear on Commander Zavala’s rank progression bar. Vanguard Engrams can be opened individually directly with Zavala.