Did Amazon pay this insane amount for the rights to Tomb Raider?

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Only recently did we discuss the current plans around Tomb Raider reported. A new game, an Amazon series and a film about the brand are currently being worked on. All of this is apparently based on an idea on their part Amazon, to build Tomb Raider into a big franchise in the style of the MCU. Therefore, the report that Amazon is said to have acquired the rights to this brand is not surprising at first. So far, the rights to Tomb Raider were actually with the Embracer Group. However, the Lord of the Rings site Fellowship of Fans recently reported that those same rights will be banned for approx $600 million should have been leased to Amazon.

Amazon and the rights to Tomb Raider

The website had previously spoken of Embracer Group having sold the rights to Amazon. However, this has now been corrected in the article. Accordingly, Gamingbolt emphasizes that if the message is correct, it is likely to be a Exclusive right for a time acts.

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The Lord of the Rings site also emphasizes that the sum of 600 million US dollars would be the second largest deal of this kind by Amazon to date. Only the acquisition of the TV rights for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was an even more expensive endeavor, according to the site. Vg247 emphasizes that Embracer itself only bought the rights to the Tomb Raider franchise for around 300 million US dollars in May 2022.

We also reported on the purchase on our website last year, which included Chrystal Dynamics, among other things. Previously, the rights to the Tomb Raider brand had been in the hands of Square Enix.