Disappointing pre-orders at PSVR2: Sony reduces production

Disappointing pre-orders at PSVR2: Sony reduces production

from Maurice Riebling
Sony’s PSVR2 in advance is not a real blockbuster. The group is reacting with a significantly reduced sales forecast and is also cutting back production.

After the presentation of the second PSVR generation, Sony went into pre-sale with actually optimistic expectations. However, the previous figures are disappointing, so that the group is not only reducing its own expectations for sales of the PSVR2, but also the actual production.

Sony initially expected a total of 2 million units of the PSVR2 headset to be shipped, which will officially be available in stores from February 22nd. According to a report by Bloomberg been halved. As a result, the Sony share fell accordingly, while suppliers also have to cut back and speak of a smaller number of displays ordered for the new Playstation VR hardware.

One can only speculate about the specific reasons for the sluggish advance sale of the PSVR2 headset. Bloomberg sees two reasons as causal. On the one hand it is the limitation to the Playstation 5 as the only supported platform, while the pricing is particularly important. The Sony VR headset costs 599.99 euros in Germany, for example. A bundle with the launch title Horizon Call of the Mountain is also offered, while a charging station for the controllers supplied costs another around 50 euros.

In the US, the PSVR2 headset is $549.99 plus tax. This doesn’t make the hardware one of the most expensive VR options available, but it’s also not an affordable treat if you also keep in mind the Playstation 5 that is also needed, along with higher-priced games on consoles.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain – VR offshoot in the gameplay trailer

For Macquarie Capital analyst Damian Thong, the PSVR2 will consequently be no more than an expensive accessory for the PS5. At Sony, meanwhile, one hoped above all for a pull effect through Horizon Call of the Mountain. However, the advertising with the VR offshoot of the successful game series obviously did not catch fire.

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In the financial world, meanwhile, VR hardware is seen as a rather leisurely growth overall until the technology is more advanced. For example, Bloomberg quotes UBS securities analyst Kenji Fukuyama, who considers the current head-mounted displays to be too bulky. Accordingly, the motivation for long-term use and corresponding user adaptation decreases, which in turn makes the market less attractive for game developers. He is more optimistic about AR and mixed reality applications. However, on the part of the suppliers, especially display manufacturers, investments in the VR sector are continuing. People there are rather confident that the VR era will dawn sooner or later.


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