Dualsense Edge: PS5 luxury controller has a tiny battery

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The new Dualsense Edge controller for the PS5 has recently been available in stores. Accordingly many reviews and analysis there are now to the peripheral device. One of these reports didn’t focus on the new features, but looked at themselves the inner workings of the controller more closely. There was a big – or should we say “small” – surprise.

Dualsense Edge with tiny battery

The Twitter user “Budd’s Controllers” grabbed a copy of the Dualsense Edge and took a closer look at the inner workings. Besides some Circuit boards, motors and other components what appealed to him most of all the battery in the middle on. But it was not his positioning that caused great astonishment, but above all the small size. For comparison, the Twitter user put the battery from the regular Dualsense controller next to it. It is noticeable that the Edge battery almost half the size is.

Add to that the fact that it’s also less powerful than its counterpart from the classic Dualsense controller. It therefore has a lower capacity. Sony had already confirmed this in December of last year. An official statement at the time said:

“The Wireless DualSense Edge controller’s uptime is slightly shorter than the original DualSense wireless controller because we’ve packed many more features into the same form factor and ergonomic design. We wanted to strike a good balance between wireless uptime and being more robust , find more powerful features.”

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