DualSense Edge review

The attachable back keys are available in two different variants.  The smaller, ear-shaped attachments proved themselves in the test.

Goodbye to L3/R3

The input command “Press L3/R3” is a nightmare for quite a few players. Pushing in the left or right analog stick is spongy, uncomfortable and even causes the rather sensitive control unit to wear out more quickly. Since the new Dual Sense Edge has two extra buttons on the back, which can be configured as desired and can be easily docked to the housing in two different variants, the Gampad is probably the most important and best innovation to offer has – but what else is there? In addition, the path of the R2 and L2 triggers can be regulated in three stages with a built-in detent. Especially for fast shooters it is a blessing not to have to press the button all the way down for a shot and thus save valuable milliseconds. The grip of the DualSense is slightly better than the original due to a slightly different plastic texture. In particular, the large, centrally located button, the touchpad, feels more valuable and has a better pressure point.

The attachable back keys are available in two different variants. The smaller, ear-shaped attachments proved themselves in the test.

The PS5 controller is also not immune to the dreaded stick drift due to a problem with the construction of the two analog sticks. Then the character moves as if by magic, the vehicle pulls to the left or the camera keeps turning. Since the query modules within the stick unit tend to wear out, the only thing left is to replace the entire controller – which entails absolutely unnecessary plastic scrap. Sony has made a virtue out of necessity with the new DualSense Edge and now offers the option of replacing the sticks yourself. Simply loosen the small lock and you can simply pull out the entire stick module and replace it with a new one. Unfortunately, no extra stick modules are included in the packaging, they are also available in a double pack for a whopping 50 euros. After all, the scope of delivery includes four different attachments for the built-in sticks, and their length can also be changed. All stick caps are in the same shape, unfortunately there is no difference, such as a modified ribbing or a concave variant.

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Great software

After connecting the controller to the console, the PS5 recognizes the professional hardware and gives access to the corresponding configuration software. Here the player can create four different profiles, which can be switched quickly and easily on the gamepad. The ready-made profiles for different genres can also be further and finely adjusted. The dead zone for the two sticks and the trigger buttons can also be defined as desired. In this case, the software support is really very successful – every player can find their way around here immediately and knows what to do. But how do the different profiles affect the gameplay? For the test, we looked at the titles Gran Turismo 7, Doom Eternal, Dead Space, Monster Hunter Rise, Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, Cyberpunk 2077 and Rayman Legends in connection with the specially adapted profile and there were small but subtle differences sense.

Of course, fast action games in particular benefit from the gamepad’s improved equipment – whether it

Of course, all keys can also be assigned via software as desired.

Of course, all keys can also be assigned via software as desired.

If there is a victory or a defeat in the hotly contested landing zone, the player with the same skillset can certainly end up in favor of the edge user. The fact that tipping the scales tears a 240 euro hole in the household budget still raises a few question marks for the following reasons…

Only by cable?

Of course, like its little brother, the Dual Sense Edge can be connected wirelessly to the console. However, the battery life – in the original at around seven hours, not a blast – is even worse in the Edge: If the motors and haptic features are used extensively by the software when playing and you change the profile several times, then the Edge just gives up a battery warning in less than five hours and has to go to the charging cable shortly afterwards. Also included is a braided 10-foot USB-to-USB-C cable that connects to a small plastic device even on the controller, so it can’t be accidentally pulled out.

However, the cable is a bit heavy – if it’s not on the ground, it pulls the controller down noticeably. Unfortunately, it has to be the best friend of the owner of a Dual Sense Edge, because as can be seen from some hobbyists on the Internet, Sony was even more stingy with the battery than with the original. Instead of a 1560 mAh battery, the top model only has a 1,050 mAh battery! At the asking price and in view of the fact that the current professional controllers from Nintendo and Microsoft last up to 25 hours, that’s really a very weak idea!