E3 2023 will take place without Sony and Nintendo – News

E3 2023 will take place without Sony and Nintendo - News

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The first physical event after the pandemic will take place without Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft is also only taking part to a limited extent. VGC suspects through his own contacts that Nintendo’s absence is due to the fact that there are fewer major releases from Nintendo this year. Nintendo in particular is considered one of the biggest supporters of the event and was present at the last physical event in 2019 while Xbox and Playstation were absent.

Sony Interactive’s absence this year is not unexpected. The 2019 event already took place without the console manufacturer and Sony was not interested in participating in 2020 either. Microsoft is also limited at E3. There will be at least one performance, but the Xbox manufacturers don’t have their own dedicated show floor. According to VGC but it is possible that Microsoft has a small exhibitor area.

Regardless of the three big companies, there should still be a lot to see at E3 2023. From June 13th to 16th the event in Los Angeles opens its doors again.


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