Escape from Tarkov: When is the next wipe? Our prognosis

Escape from Tarkov: When is the next wipe?  Our prognosis

With its constant wipes, Escape from Tarkov offers a breath of fresh air for players who frequently visit the extraction shooter after a break. Players are still wondering when the next wipe is due and we provide you with an approximate forecast for it.

When is the next wipe in Escape from Tarkov? The developers behind Escape from Tarkov usually don’t set early dates for an upcoming wipe. Nevertheless, you can see from the previous wipes when a new reset could be due. In the past, Battlestate Games has taken anywhere from 150 to 200 days to reset the servers.

If you now consider that the last reset took place on December 28, 2022 and add 150 – 200 days, the months result are May to July, which could include the next wipe.

Escape from Tarkov Gameplay – Battle for Concordia

Everything about wipes in Escape from Tarkov

What is a wipe in Escape from Tarkov? A wipe is a mechanic in Escape from Tarkov that resets your character progress to zero. Your items, weapons and resources will be taken from you and you will have to fight for everything again. Basically as if you had bought EFT fresh.

To add some excitement to the whole thing, some changes are made in each update. This ranges from adjustments in the difficulty of opponents and bosses to price adjustments or increases in retailers’ shops

A wipe thus provides a breath of fresh air and also lures bored mercenaries back into its gates, which say: plunder or be plundered.

Wipes can also backfire: While wipes are seen as positive by many mercenaries, the last reset caused a lot of resentment in the community. Many players reported hackers who boldly carried out their hacks. They do not hide their unfair advantages and cheat in front of the cameras. This went so far that players tried to find a solution, but were only forced to hide in bushes and hope that most hackers overlooked the honest players.

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