FF14: Omega (fatal) defeated – was the kill cheated?

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The ultimate trials are among the toughest challenges in the online role-playing game Final Fantasy 14. The best raid groups in the world have to prove what they’re made of in several phases and with a battle duration of well over 15 minutes. The title of World First Kill is all the more coveted.

The race was also fought with great determination in the new ultimate fight “The Omega Protocol”, which was released on January 24, 2023, and was followed live on Twitch by tens of thousands of viewers worldwide. Finally it was Raid group named “Unnamed”, who claimed the win. Just hours before the weekly server reset, they managed to complete all six phases in full.

Originally it was assumed that the fifth phase, attended by most raid groups had lost their teeth for a long time, be the last. It was a real surprise when Nevermind, the winners of the Dragon War (fatal) race, eventually reached the sixth stage first. However, the surprise was even greater when the group arrived just a few hours later Unnamed had already completed this sixth phase.