Final Fantasy VII Day registered as an official holiday in Japan

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no shit Final Fantasy VII really gets its own public holiday in Japan. In Japan, the 31 January registered as an official holiday. That date was then 1997 the game originally published.

Also Yoshinori Kitasethe producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake-Project, is more than proud of recognizing this milestone of Japanese video game history. On Twitter he has a very special message for the fans.

A big day for the video game industry

For Yoshinori Kitase and Square Enix, January 31st was for a long time a very special day. Now is the day for Japan as well registered cultural property. The “Final Fantasy VII” producer had this message on Twitter for the fans:

“On January 31, 1997 Final Fantasy VII was released in Japan, a momentous day not only for the Final Fantasy saga but also for the video game industry and for all of us. I remember how technology advanced very quickly and allowed us to explore the future. With the official anniversary, I will always remember this date, which has long been engraved in my heart.”

Yoshinori Kitase – Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer

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Video game culture in Japan

The Japanese have had one for a long time special connection to video games. Nintendo, one of the veterans of video game consoles, has its roots in Japan and the Japanese were also involved in e-sports and cosplay often a few steps ahead of the West.

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“Final Fantasy VII” was another milestone in Japanese video game pop culturewhich was not only important for the “Final Fantasy” series, but inspires the whole gaming industry has.

What do you all mean? Will we in Germany at some point become one? create a national gamertag? And if so, which game do you think could achieve that?