Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 23.30 are here – with these highlights

A cell phone displays the Fortnite logo.

For Fortnite update 23.30 is available for download ready. The Battle Royale shooter had to go offline temporarily this morning: the developers used the downtime to prepare Fortnite for the arrival of the new content. The patch notes for the new update are now available. The focus is on the return of Fortnite Dragon Ball Collaboration. In Battle Royale/Build Null, the items Kamehame Ha and Jindujun (Kintoun) fall from the sky in capsules. While firing devastating energy beams at enemies with Kamehame Ha, fly over the island with the Jindujun (Kintoun).

Dragon Ball returns

Once again, the adventure island awaits you, which is peppered with locations that resemble the locations of Dragon Ball. For example, you have the opportunity to visit Goku’s house. “Starting January 31st, complete a Dragon Ball weekly mission on this island to unlock the Beast Gohan spray theme. And complete another Dragon Ball weekly mission beginning February 7th to unlock the Orange Piccolo spray theme.” , the developers write in the patch notes. On the You can get to the island with the code 5642-8525-5429 or via the Discover screen.