Gamer buys Nvidia’s fastest graphics card for an unbeatable 800 euros – now he should regret the “purchase” bitterly

Offer RTX 4090 reddit

If you want to buy new graphics cards like a GeForce RTX 4090 from Nvidia, you have to pay a small fortune. A user has now discovered an amazing deal, but it’s not as good as it looks.

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Nvidia presented its latest graphics cards with the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. But these are very expensive: For an RTX 4090 you pay almost 2,000 euros in stores. A user has now posted an offer on reddit, where he pays just 800 euros.

Many quickly recognize this as a scam and wonder why you can fall for it. In our article, we present you with a few warning signals and tips on what to look out for when buying on Amazon, eBay and Co.

on reddit a user had posted the picture and explained that a friend had bought the offer, but he thought it was a scam. A user asks directly in the comments:

How can people fall for this shit? Tell your friend to return the credit card to his parents.

Is that a fake offer? If you take a closer look at the offer on reddit, it quickly becomes clear that things cannot be right here. Which provider should also voluntarily sell a 1,800 euro graphics card for a fraction of the price and voluntarily forego an income of 1,000 euros?

The “great” offer on reddit.

The comments on it are also pretty clear that this “great” offer must clearly be a scam. The font used (Times New Roman) alone is a clear indication of an offer that should not be used.

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Others have “better luck” when buying an RTX 4090: Because they not only get a graphics card, but also a new job:

Gamer wants to buy RTX 4090, Nvidia’s fastest graphics card – gets a job instead

So you can easily see through scam and fake offers

Basically, there are a few clues that you should pay attention to if you want to buy hardware or other things on Amazon, eBay or well-known platforms. Because fake offers are usually easy to spot if you know what to look out for:

  • The graphics card is very cheap or is offered much cheaper than the current market price.
  • The seller is offering more high-quality merchandise, but it looks disjointed. For example, in addition to graphics cards, refrigerators, treadmills and PS5 consoles.
  • The account has been inactive for a long time and recently became active again.
  • The provider requires payment in advance or payment by check or other dangerous payment methods.
  • The seller tries to lure you away from Amazon and Co. and to communicate with you via email or WhatsApp. Because you lose the buyer protection of the big platforms.

But the shop looks serious: Even legitimate-looking accounts can be inherently dangerous. Because on Amazon, fraudsters like to hack into accounts with a high reputation in order to then misuse them for their own purposes. The shop then had many positive ratings in the past, but then they no longer had anything to do with the seller.

A correct imprint does not necessarily mean that a reputable provider is behind it. Here you can check phone numbers, for example, and quickly notice if you end up on a dead or wrong line.

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In addition, never allow yourself to be pressured into making an offer. If the seller tries to pressure you or claims that the sale needs to be made urgently or quickly, then you should be skeptical.

“Dangerous” searches: Another tip: Keep your eyes open on Google or other search engines. Here, a scam offer can quickly botch up under the “Advertisements”. So it’s best to take a close look if you’re away from the big providers. A well-known investor has now discovered how dangerous such Google ads can be.

Even reputable providers can make mistakes: Not every very cheap offer immediately means that a scammer is hiding behind it. Large companies like Amazon or MediaMarkt can also make mistakes, such as price errors.

Then there is a very cheap price on the page, which the provider can also take back. If the retailer notices the price error, he can contest the purchase contract due to an error. You will get your money back, but not the very cheap product.

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