Gaming keyboard is a real price tip for less than 50 euros, with a unique feature and an annoying quirk

RedDragon Rudra scope of delivery

With the Rudra, RedDragon offers a budget keyboard with mechanical keys. Is the 50 euros worth it or should you rather invest more? MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann tested the keyboard.

What keyboard is it? The Chinese manufacturer RedDragon mainly produces inexpensive mice and keyboards. I had already tested a cheap mouse from RedDragon for MeinMMO. The mouse does not come close to the well-known competition, but offers enough features for a reasonable price.

Now I could test the RedDragon Rudra. This is also a gaming keyboard that comes more from the budget range. For just under 50 euros you can already get hot-swappable mechanical switches, which is unique in this price range. You can find out in my test whether it’s really worth it.

Design/Interface Wired, full-size keyboard
button type mechanical switches, red
programmable keys Yes
lighting Yes
compatibility PC (with software)
scope of delivery Keyboard, manual, key swap tool, 4 optional red switches
particularities Hot-swappable mechanical switches
Price (RRP) 49.99 euros

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Scope of delivery, design and construction

What does the scope of delivery look like? In addition to the usual (English) instructions, the keyboard box also contains a few tools for replacing the keys and switches. Four spare red switches are also in the box.

How is the keyboard structured? The keyboard comes in a black design with RGB lighting. The Rudra is a full-size keyboard with a number pad and special keys. The circuit board is in a plastic housing. However, the keyboard does not offer a palm rest in this price range. That’s a shame, but bearable.

A special feature is the hot-swappable feature: In theory, I can remove all key switches and replace them with others. This is useful, for example, when I swap out broken switches or because I’d rather install blue switches instead of the red ones.

However, the latter is hardly worthwhile, since you could also buy the keyboard directly with blue switches. 25 switches usually cost around 20 euros, but you can only install switches with 3 pins on the back. These include the switches from Akko, Gaderon or those from RedDragon:

*Affiliate links. We receive a small commission from Amazon if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support!


The keyboard consists almost exclusively of plastic, but still feels surprisingly valuable. This is mainly due to the “Doubleshot Molded” keycaps. This makes the keycaps feel more premium than regular ABS keys and is similar to the PBT caps, which I currently favor. In this way, the keys do not get dirty as quickly as with pure ABS keys. That’s a big plus in my opinion.

Due to the high weight, the keyboard also seems quite robust and stands stable on my desk without slipping. Even if a cat walks across my workplace.

RedDragon Rudra underside with little feet
The body (here the feet) is made entirely of plastic.

What is strange, however, is a strange beeping noise when I switch the lighting on the keyboard. The beeping is only not audible with the rather weak red color, with all other colors I can hear it quite clearly without headphones and it gets louder when I increase the brightness.

I tap the circuit board under the keys. However, I cannot say whether this is the case with all keyboards, since I only tested one model. In the end I “only” got a Monday model for the test.


The software must be downloaded from the manufacturer’s direct site. However, this only offers rudimentary functions: A simple macro editor, settings for the lighting and options for the key assignments, which, however, appear bulky.

Overall, the software remains fairly clear. The lighting can also be set up much faster using the keyboard itself (FN key + arrow keys), I don’t need any software for that. Also annoying: The software is only available in English and Chinese and thus excludes potential buyers.

Other well-known manufacturers such as Corsair, Roccat or SteelSeries offer more functions via the software in this price range and it is also in German. However, the poor software for the keyboard is not a broken leg. The beeping is much more annoying when the keyboard is backlit.

Also a bit strange: If you use several RedDragon products, you have to install new software for each product. With other manufacturers, you only have to download an update for the corresponding model, which is then integrated into the software. On the positive side, however, the software is neither particularly large nor does it take up a lot of power.

Red Dragon Rudra Software
The software is clear, but only in English. Overall, it looks bulky and not very pretty.

On the next page you can read how the keyboard performs in terms of ergonomics and keys. In the final conclusion you can also read whether the purchase of the Apex 3 TKL could be worthwhile for you.

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