GTA 6: Rockstar’s message gives fans hope – is a release in sight?

GTA 6 leak: Developers show solidarity after Shitstorm

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games ever. Fans keep hoping for news about the release. Except for the big one GTA 6 leak in September 2022but so far we only know that the game is being worked on, not when it will be released.

Through a report from Rockstar Games, there is reason for hope that there might be news soon. In addition, Microsoft may have already spoiled the final release date. We tell you what we know.

The rumor mill about GTA 6

in one update letter For the new year, Rockstar Games has set the rumor mill of the fans seething with a small sentence. Although GTA 6 is not directly mentioned here, some read between the lines that it is coming soon new signs of life from the game will give.

“Every year comes with the hope that this year will be the year it all finally comes together. Well, 2023 could be that year…”

Rockstar Games

Many fans firmly assume that it is the Super Bowl first “official” footage on February 12th to see. The thesis fits that the developer in usually a big game every 5 years released.

2013 was that GTA 5 and 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it is unlikely that more than the first trailers will be released this year. On the Website IMDb there was originally information Information about a release in 2025which has now been adjusted.

Is GTA 6 coming in 2024?

At least one of them will official letter from Microsoft went out. IMDb have also changed their information to 2024. As so often, the devil is in the details. Microsoft writes:

“The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to
appear in 2024.”


“Probably”. It so it remains speculation. There is no official confirmation of the release yet. But maybe we’ll have one at the Super Bowl GTA 6 gameplay trailer sweetens the waiting time and maybe this one has new information ready for us. We remain curious and will inform you as soon as we find out a fixed date.

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