Intel Xeon: Socket 7529 photographed for Sierra Forest

Intel Socket LGA-7529 for Sierra Forest

from Maurice Riebling
A leak is supposed to show the future socket for the Xeon processors from the Sierra Forest ranks. As is well known, CPUs with only weaker E-Cores can be found here, while in return the total number of cores increases compared to Xeon products of the P-Core squad.

A current photo is said to show the socket for the upcoming Xeon processors codenamed “Sierra Forest”. Specifically, it is the LGA 7529 socket. Meanwhile, the photo was taken by YuuKi_AnS and was published via Twitter.

The recording is by no means spectacular and the base cannot be seen in all its glory either. Instead, there is only a look at the bracket including the sock cover. After all, the name suggests that Intel is upgrading the pins on the associated Birch Stream platform compared to the current Sapphire Rapids products.

Intel Socket LGA-7529 for Sierra Forest
Source: YuuKi_AnS (Twitter)

With the coming generation of Xeon processors, Intel wants to go down similar paths as on the desktop. As is well known, the big-little principle is now used there. Energy-saving efficiency cores support high-performance performance cores, which ultimately also has a beneficial effect on the number of available CPU cores. The upcoming Xeon processors will also have the “P” and “E” cores, which, however, do not share a common die, but are offered strictly separately.

The future performance line-up listens, among other things, to the code names “Emerald Rapids”, manufactured in Intel’s “Intel 7” production and planned for 2023, as well as “Granite Rapids” based on the “Intel 3” production and planned for 2024. With Granite Rapids is also scheduled to launch Sierra Forest as an E-Core option. Corresponding CPUs offer less performance per core, but there are more cores per processor overall.

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