Kerbal Space Program 2 is preparing for a successful Steam launch

Kerbal Space Program 2 is preparing for a successful Steam launch

from Jonathan Harsh
Next month, Kerbal Space Program 2, a highly anticipated sequel, will be coming to Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. According to the pre-launch numbers, everyone can expect a successful start.

“3-2-1 Lift-Off” will be the motto in a few weeks when Kerbal Space Program 2 starts early access on February 24th. A look at the official figures, which are available before the launch, can give the developers of Intercept Games and their publisher Private Division hope for a successful launch. On the Steam Wishlist the title mixes in at the top and is involved more than 140,000 followers pocketed every other game coming to the platform in February, with the exception of Hogwarts Legacy. In addition to Steam, the title is also coming to the Epic Games Store.

This is what Kerbal Space Program 2 has to offer

The enthusiasm in the community is great, and that is understandable given the successful predecessor. Kerbal Space Program has one on Steam 94 percent agreement and can boast a loyal fan base. However, the first part was still being developed by Squad, who reportedly lost the job for the successor after a failed takeover by Private Division. In order to develop this, Intercept Games was founded, which now employs a number of people who have already worked on the first part. Nevertheless, it will be exciting to see whether the quality can be maintained in the sequel.

Kerbal Space Program 2: Video sets the mood for Early Access

Kerbal Space Program 2 should take new players by the hand and introduce them to the mechanics more than its predecessor. This should work by first unlocking the sandbox in Early Access, then the technology trees and finally the colonies. The latter is a new function that has not existed before. In addition, there should be some comfort features that make the gaming experience more pleasant and dynamic. Although the multiplayer of KSP 2 is included in Early Access, it will only be unlocked once the basic functions are available.

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