Leak reveals date and location of TwitchCon 2023

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from Sebastian Glanzer
Twitch partners already want to have found out the location and date of TwitchCon 2023. The booking page for the event was briefly visible on the official Twitch homepage. However, one should still doubt the date.

TwitchCon 2022 in San Diego brought together many content creators and was one of the largest in history. This was probably also due to the fact that the event had to be canceled in previous years. It is not yet officially known when TwitchCon 2023 will take place. Recently made twitch streamers theotherjz however, drew attention to the fact that Twitch accidentally published the hotel booking page for TwitchCon 2023.

The link to the event’s Passkey page is no longer showing results. However, as shown in the screenshot below by Twitch partner Smirky, the link was live for a short time and showed the date and location of TwitchCon 2023.

TwitchCon 2023 in Las Vegas in October?

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According to Smiky, the organizers used the same reservation portal as for TwitchCon 2022 in San Diego. The page indicates that TwitchCon 2023 is scheduled to run from October 20, 2023 to October 22, 2023.

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Since nothing has been officially announced by Twitch yet, the question arises as to whether or not Twitch fans should start planning for this date. The leak appears to look legit and makes sense on several levels. However, there are also points that speak against it.

TwitchCon at the same time as music festival?

TwitchCon 2022 took place from October 7th to 9th, so the timeframe for 2023 is similar to last year. The place (Las Vegas) is also not far from San Diego and has often been the venue for a TwitchCon. Nevertheless, the information from the leak should be treated with caution.