LoL: Support build for Caitlyn conquers Korea – How to play the champ like the greatest support in the world

LoL: Support build for Caitlyn conquers Korea - How to play the champ like the greatest support in the world

Ryu “Keria” Min-seok plays as a support for T1 in the Korean League of League of Legends. As one of the strongest leagues in the world, new ways of playing are shown there in addition to the ingenious games. In the game against Kwangdong Freecs (KDF), Keria played Caitlyn in the support role and was able to shine with it.

Why is Caitlyn playing as support? Caitlyn keeps popping up as a character in the ADC meta. With her long range, she can give opponents a hard time at long range. That’s what T1 thought too.

In the game against KDF, Keria’s team prioritizes Varus as ADC. This character also shows a huge reach through his abilities. After KDF went for Zeri and Yuumi and it was a very common and powerful combination, T1 responded with the Caitlyn pick.

The two botlaners from T1 can thus play against the players from KDF from a safe distance. Yuumi and Zeri both have short range and have a hard time dealing with ranged damage. How exactly Caitlyn is played as a support, we show you in this article.

League of Legends has become a huge game over the years. In the video you can see how big:

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The second ADC made it difficult for the opponents

What is the thought behind it? It’s not uncommon to play an ADC as a support. This has happened a number of times with Ashe. But unlike Ashe, who slows the opponent with every normal attack, Caitlyn only brings range and massive damage.

The commenters toyed with the idea of ​​Caitlyn buying a support item after character selection. However, the path Keria takes with Caitlyn is reminiscent of supporter Pyke. Korea’s best player shows how Caitlyn is played right in the league.

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He buys the supporter item and then only builds massive damage. He focuses on objects with a lethality factor (lethality in English). This and the combination with Caitlyn’s W ability, which grants her additional damage from a headshot, lead to great success.

The shadow glaive is the most important item for you after the support item. Mythic item choices fall between Eclipse and Duskblade of Draktharr. You can also buy the Collector if the game lasts long enough.

The item build for Support Caitlyn

Is support Caitlyn playable for everyone? If you like to play long range, then this is a pick to definitely keep an eye on. Caitlyn is only playable as a support in special situations. This refers to the fact that the character does not have any abilities that greatly hinder the opponent’s way of playing.

Combined with ADC’s like Varus, who bring light CC (Crowd Control) of their own, Caitlyn can skillfully place her Yordle Snap Trap under enemies, holding them down a little longer and allowing Caitlyn to dish out massive damage.

However, if you’re looking to try Caitlyn on the support role, keep in mind that T1’s players have tested and tried this pick multiple times. In addition, he is only playable in certain situations, but all the more powerful.

How do you feel about Keria’s pick? Tell us in the comments.

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