Lost Ark is Changing the Roadmap – Bringing Class Everyone Wants a month early

Lost Ark is Changing the Roadmap - Bringing Class Everyone Wants a month early

The MMORPG Lost Ark has announced a roadmap change. A new class wasn’t supposed to come until April – but now it’s appearing earlier in the game.

What class is it? The new class is “the Artist”. This class came out in the Korean version a year ago and immediately caused a big rush there.

The artist is a kind of link between the support class and the damage class. She relies on a brush with different inks – black ink deals damage, white ink heals allies.

The “artist” thus fills a niche, because supports are few and far between in Lost Ark. Only two supporters in 23 classes are currently available, the artist would be number three. Accordingly, support fans are waiting for the new class, in Lost Ark forums players regularly call for the “artist” to come into play (via Lost Ark Forums).

What changes now with the release of the new class

When is the Artist class coming to Lost Ark? Lost Ark had announced that it would only bring the new class in April 2023, instead of two months earlier as planned. Adjustments were still to be made before she appears in the western version of Lost Ark.

However, this was apparently done faster than originally thought, because the roadmap has now been adjusted. The new class is now scheduled to be released in March. However, a more precise date is not yet known.

That shouldn’t be a bad surprise, because at the beginning of January, the community manager Roxx announced in the forum that nothing would change on the date in April (via Lost Ark Forums).

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As the developers announced in the blog, the new class will come into play with a power pass and progression event. This should be similar to previous express events.

This means that the Lost Ark community can look forward to new content in a timely manner. In addition, the “anniversary celebration” in Lost Ark is already coming up in February 2023 and the continent of Rowen will be the focus.

There, two factions fight for dominance – and you have to choose a side. Then in March comes the Tulubik Battlefield and the new class.

By the way: Lost Ark was one of the most played MMORPGs on Steam in January.